How to train a man wearing a watch?

Knowledge of watches tasting knowledge or if you should be energetic and worth the effort to learn. And since 99% of the best tables in the world come from Switzerland, it is a stranger to the Chinese world. To learn as far as possible with larger, international perspective to learn, to reduce the baseless assertion.

For example, I have heard two make me laugh or cry the misinformation: 1. Patek Philippe and Patek Philippe is a couple. In fact, the founder of Patek Philippe is two men. 2. Say Rolex was created by the Rolex brothers. Rolex is not a surname at all, and Roosevelt’s founder, Hans-Wellsdorf, is a German.

So there is too much confusion and paradoxical information in the watch world expressed in Chinese. Need you to explore rigorously, to consult the real people who understand, to touch the real thing; holding a magnifying glass 10 times a craft details of a process to look and feel. Finally understand what the commonality of the table is, rather than others that it is a good table you think it is a good table.

Finally, within the limits of their own economic level to choose a favorite watch.