Patek Philippe winding and automatic mechanical watches, which is good?

Patek Philippe’s most classic hand-winding movement is Cal.215-type, Patek Philippe is currently the most mainstream automatic movement is Cal.324 type. Patek Philippe there are classic “Pearl Tuo” automatic movement Cal.240 type.

From the price, the most popular Patek Philippe entry level watch most of the assembly Cal.215-type manual movement, such as: the famous 5119,5196, etc., their price is about 150,000 yuan, a new table Patek Philippe price threshold. The assembly of Cal.324-type movement watch, the lowest price such as: 5296,5711, the price of about 200,000 yuan. So at this level, Patek Philippe manual movement table price is generally cheaper than automatic movement.

However, the top of Patek Philippe’s products started to change, and few realized that Patek Philippe had no automatic mechanical tourbillon. In other words, as long as the Patek Philippe tourbillon watch, it must be manually winding, tourbillon and automatic mechanism in the Patek Philippe world is not compatible. Patek Philippe tourbillon watch is almost the industry’s most expensive tourbillon watch, RMB 2.5 million. The tourbillon is super complex watches, such as 5207, 5216, 6002 basic functions, these watches are also the king level watch are manually winding. Therefore, manual and automatic machines are not good or bad evaluation of Patek Philippe watches.