What brand watch daily care should pay attention to?

Brand name list In addition to the daily waterproof (even professional diving table should be replaced every five years waterproof rubber ring, and re-waterproof test), dust (reduce the case of metal wear), the magnetic field, the brand watches, especially mechanical watches We must focus on preventing severe impact.

Common hard-hit life such as watches fall hard ground, there is playing golf and tennis, watch movement damage. Speaking of playing, people are still mostly used to watch worn on the left hand, so play tennis, badminton and so on as long as the right hand grip the child, the watch will not have any effect (you carefully observe Nadal play tennis, he is the left hand grip, Not wearing the watch in the grip of the hand); but the situation is very different golf, swinging hands are both handshake, the moment the impact of the swing that is very large, watch movement will be particularly slender Hairspring caused irreversible damage. Therefore, when playing golf, the swing must be off the table, when the impact of small putter, you can still wear a watch.

The temperature has almost no impact on the modern watch, regardless of the North Pole or the desert, the watch can work, please rest assured.