Freeze-dried pet food market continues to grow

A fews days ago,i read an article about freeze-dried pet food:freeze-dried pet food is making an industry mark with technology,safety and product development opportunities.Freeze-dried pet food, a segment of the growing superpremium pet food market, caters to the consumer looking for high-end, customized options for their dog or cat. An increasing trend over the last few years, freeze-dried food has the benefits of technology,nutrition and convenience on its side as it increasingly takes up space on pet store shelves.I am very impressive about this article,because our company,Eastan Pet is also specialized in producing and exporting freeze-dried pet food to all over the world always.Today we would like to share our freeze-dried pet food production process with you as below: Freeze-dried pet food and food safety:Eastan Pet deploy our QA/QC (quality assurance/quality control) food safety manager and technicians to sample material all the way through the production freeze-drying processing sequences, out to the finished product. The future of freeze-dried pet food:We expect more mixing of multiple proteins and/or carbohydrates together,whereas freeze-dried was traditionally one ingredient in,one ingredient out.So that's kind of where the future is-going to the full meal and adding functional ingredients to freeze-dried ingredients. If you are interested in our company and our freeze-dried pet food,please feel free to contact us at any time,we are truly looking forward to recevie your email. Eastan Pet Thank you for your time!!!