How to get the best performance of the LC oven oven

Although the process of, specific separation and detection in liquid chromatograph, the column oven temperature control is possible to obtain different effects. However, it is important to note that if the temperature of the oven is raised too high, this will shorten the life of the column and sometimes affect the separation selectivity of the column. Therefore, it is especially important to keep the oven in the best performance.

In order to achieve the best performance of the column oven, Lu Chuang analytical instrument chromatography engineers reminded to follow the following six points:

1. Unless used for a specific purpose, the temperature of the left and right heat exchangers should be consistent;

2. Please make sure the front panel is closed;

3. In order to reduce the peak expansion, the heat exchanger can be placed in the bypass, and the column is placed between the heat exchanger sheets;

4. When the column volume is small, use the left heat exchanger, for example, a column with an inner diameter of 2–3 mm and a flow rate of less than 200 ml/min;

5. Use a shorter connection capillary and place it near the heat exchanger. This can reduce thermal diffusion and external peak expansion;

6, to control the environment. The column oven must be at 10 to 80 ° C below ambient temperature with a flow rate of up to 5 ml/min. The column oven can operate normally at the specified ambient temperature and relative humidity. Note that temperature fluctuations may cause condensation in the oven. Do not store, transport or use the oven under these conditions. Condensation can damage the system circuitry. If transporting the oven in cold weather, place it in a box and slowly raise it to room temperature to avoid condensation.



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