Can Zhong Dingling Seal Soil?

Q: Shen Weixian, Xian Wei, Anhui Province: Can Zhong Dingling and Guang Xiaoling be able to carry out closed soil treatment before the seedlings are sown in dry rice?
Answer: Zhong Dingling can be used for pre-emergence soil treatment in dry rice fields after sowing. Generally, 48% of Zhongdingling 250-300 grams of water and 45 kg of water are sprayed per mu.
The United States Fu Mei Shi Company's Guang Xiao Ling 360 g / l clomazone pine microcapsule suspension and 480 g / l clomazone pine EC, can be used for dry soil rice seedlings before the closure of the treatment. After the normal use of rice seedlings may appear whitening phenomenon, usually after a period of time can be restored on their own; excessive use of drugs or medication concentration is too large, the injury will increase, and even die.

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