American herbal dietary supplement market analysis

According to the statistics of the United States well-known market analysis company NutritionBusinessJournal (hereinafter referred to as "NBJ"), in 2009, the total sales of the herbal dietary supplement market in the United States was US$5.03 billion, an increase of 4.8% from the same period of last year. From the data of 1999-2009, the dietary supplement market for herbal medicines in the United States has maintained a steady growth and the development trend is good. In the United States, the sale of herbal dietary supplements can be accomplished through a variety of different market channels, including food, drug and mass market (FDM) retailers; natural health products market; large scale Shopping malls and convenience stores; mail order, radio and television direct sales; online shopping; networked or multi-level marketing companies; health workers (eg acupuncturists, masseurs, naturopaths, some traditional physicians). Among them, the FDM market and natural health products market are important sales channels for herbal dietary supplements.

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