Celebration for Bairuiyuan Direct Store Opening in Yinchuan Airport

On August 8th,Bairuiyuan direct store in Yinchuan Hedong Airport opened. The opening activities attracted a lot of customers come to taste our goji berry. The [wheel of fortune"activity also attracted many visitors to join in. When this game finished, they got some discount voucher. They came from different provinces, such as Guangdong,Neimeng,Liaoning, Shanxi and Beijing, and every visitor sent a blessing to our direct store. In 2017, Bairuiyuan upgraded store image, at the same time, we increased the construction of brand image stores. After the upgrade, all direct store use uniform image. This time Bairuiyuan enter in Yinchuan Hedong Airport, and become the industry benchmark of Ningxia goji berry. Bairuiyuan will lead Ningxia goji berry industry develop rapidly and healthily.