How does vaping work?

How does vaping work? While there are many good beginner devices out there, it`s also a good idea to know how they work – after all, you`re powering up and heating something that runs on electricity, then putting it in your mouth, so it`d make sense to know what you`re doing. The main parts of a standard e-cigarette are a mouthpiece or drip tip, a cartridge (tank), a heating element or atomizer, which is sometimes accompanied by a clear atomizer, and a battery. An atomizer will contain a coil, which is powered by the battery. When in use, this coil heats up and warms the e-liquid.Once the liquid is hot enough – between 100 and 250C – it reaches vaporization point and turns into the vapor you see coming out of e-cigarettes.Atomizers have a soft wick on them that absorb the liquid and regulate how much liquid is allowed near the coil in one go.This ensures that there isn`t too much vapor being produced and the liquid burns at a reasonable rate, so you can have more time to vape before needing to refill. This may sound similar to smoking a water pipe, or hookah, but it isn`t – in a hookah, a burned mixture of tobacco and molasses is drawn through water to cool the smoke, while the technology behind e-cigarettes doesn`t burn anything. If you are interested in our products,Let's talk the details. Contact us directly. The Editor: Robert cai July 24th 2017 Dongguan Marvec Electronic Technology Co., Ltd