"Live Freezer" will be resurrected after the frozen fish is no longer a fantasy

It is understood that the "Live Freezer" jointly developed by the teachers and students of the Cold Chain Logistics Research Institute of Zhejiang Ocean University has won the gold medal of the Zhejiang University Student Entrepreneurship Competition.

After a series of frozen fish, they can be stacked like bricks. After being transported to the destination, the fish will be thawed in the water and the fish can swim again!

"Fish freezing 'resurrection' technology" is a low-temperature quick-freezing technology jointly developed by teachers and students of the Cold Chain Logistics Institute of Zhejiang Ocean University. This technology means deep freezing in a short period of time, thus minimizing the time to form an "ice crystal formation zone", allowing the fish cell membrane to freeze simultaneously inside and outside, avoiding the situation in which large ice crystals pierce cells and cause fish to die. Based on this core technology, the student entrepreneurship team of the school developed the “living freezer” and won the gold medal in the Zhejiang University Student Entrepreneurship Competition.

Zheng Jiawei is a junior at the School of Shipping and Transportation Engineering. "I was born in an area surrounded by mountains. After I came to Zhoushan, I was the first to eat seafood such as pimp shrimp, big yellow croaker, small yellow croaker, and tofu fish. On the National Day holiday of my freshman year, I brought two boxes of seafood to go home and put ice cubes in the box, but after I got home, the seafood was still missing.” He is the backbone member of the team, talking about doing this. The original intention, he said: "My profession is related to refrigeration. At that time, I thought that since ordinary freezing can not be used for long-term and long-distance preservation, is there a special method for allowing fish cells to be knotted inside and outside? After ice, after thawing, the cell membrane will not break?"

Later, Zheng Jiawei learned from a teacher exchange, the school's cold chain logistics center is also conducting a research on low temperature quick freezing technology, so he led the formation of a team, contacted the cold chain logistics center, and upgraded on the existing basis. technology. Han Zhi is an associate professor at the Institute of Shipping and Transportation Engineering and the team's instructor. He said: "We also studied fish resurrection technology earlier, but in practice there are still some drawbacks, including temperature control, energy saving and preservation. After Zheng Jiawei's team joined our research, we have been working hard to break through these three drawbacks. Through the approaching algorithm to achieve precise temperature control; the waste of heat, energy compensation, no waste of extra resistance heat, achieve constant temperature and energy saving Without additives, starting from biological preservation, use low temperature quick freezing to achieve safe preservation."

After two years, the project declared a national invention patent. Zheng Jiawei’s team is not satisfied with this. They hope that this technology can go to market and truly serve the public. With the support of the school, Zhoushan Zhongan Cold Chain Equipment Co., Ltd. was formally established in March this year.

“This technology has much better transportation efficiency, survival rate and freshness than traditional living transportation.” Zheng Jiawei explained, “Traditional live fish transport requires a lot of water and is bulky; if some fish die in the middle, the water is very It is easy to be polluted and accelerate the death of other fish. Our technology can realize that different fish are made into different specifications of 'ice cubes', which are independent of each other and will not cause mutual pollution; after the fish is frozen, it is still alive. Even if there is a small amount of death during transportation, because it is independent in ice, its fresh quality after thawing will be superior to traditional preservation products.” They hope that the taste of fresh seafood is no longer a patent of coastal people, inland families The table will also appear.

At present, the company is in the early stage of business, and promotion has become a problem. “How can the frozen fish survive? There are still some people who question us. However, we are still willing to try to communicate with our more people. Recently, we are negotiating with the shipyard and the ship design institute. In order to design a fishing boat, it is possible to reserve space for the living body freezer."

In order to open the market, the company is still implementing an online and offline integrated marketing model, and established online publicity and sales channels such as WeChat public number and website. In addition, the company is also working with a community project of a technology company in Zhoushan, hoping to bring their customers and people interested in the aquatic products conservation industry to the community, Zheng Jiawei's team to maintain the community, through relevant Knowledge science, industry salons, etc., make this community an important input to their market.

"We will also combine the main catch situation of Zhoushan fishery, work on the refrigeration process, equipment energy-saving, automation control, etc., and strive to improve the equipment level and promote the technology to further market." Zheng Jiawei said. They hope to stabilize the Zhoushan market in the short term and gradually cover the national aquatic product market with Zhoushan as the center. "The biggest wish is to hope that while the company grows and develops, it will speed up the upgrading of the aquatic industry, increase the income of fishermen, and let more people know the taste of the sea."

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