There are 5 ways to increase the yield before soybean sowing

The selection of seeds before soybean sowing can improve the sowing quality of the bean seeds. Any evenly sorted seeds that have been cleaned are better than the seeds that are not cleaned, the field seedling rate is high, and the seedlings are neat. In particular, when sowing with a soybean precision seeding machine, the soybean seeds must be strictly cleaned to achieve one seed and one seedling.

Seed cleaning and processing has gradually become a new industry, including pre-clearing, sorting, drug treatment (seed coating), packaging and transportation of bean seeds. Seed cleaning and processing is the development of seed production specialization, supply commodification, processing mechanization and quality standardization. Doing a good job in seed cleaning can reduce the amount of seeding, improve the quality of seeds, and facilitate mechanized sowing operations, which has a great effect on increasing production.

Rhizobium inoculation is usually carried out by the method of inoculation with Rhizobium: 1. Soil inoculation method. The surface soil was taken from the soybean-producing high-yield field and mixed with soybean seeds, and 1 kg of raw soil was mixed per 10 kg of seeds. The soil inoculation method is not as effective as the rhizobial agent inoculation, because the rhizobial agent is made by the most effective strain selected by isolation and culture, and of course it is much stronger than the natural mixed rhizobium. 2. Inoculation with rhizobium agents. The rhizobium agent is a bacterial fertilizer produced by the factory, and the expiration date and instructions for use are indicated on the package. The soybean rhizobium agent is simple to use and does not pollute the environment. Seed dressing with 3.75 kg of rhizobium per hectare, the net income is 150 yuan, and the ratio of input to output is 1:20.

Seed disinfection In order to prevent soybean root rot, seed dressing with 50% carbendazim, the dosage is 0.3% of the weight of the seed; or seed dressing with Duofu mixture (1:1 of carbendazim and thiram) can be significantly reduced The incidence of root rot. Seed sterilizing can also be carried out using chlorpyrifos EC.

Seed coating 1. The role of seed coating. The first can effectively prevent soybean seedling pests and diseases, such as the first generation of soybean cyst nematode, root rot, root larvae, aphids, two leaf beetles and the like. Therefore, it can alleviate the phenomenon of heavy soybeans and the reduction of production. The second promotes the growth of soybean seedlings. Especially for heavy and glutinous soybean seedlings, the seedlings grow slowly due to insufficient nutrient nutrition, and the leaves are small. After coating with a seed coating agent, some micro-fertilizers can be replenished in time, especially containing some exogenous hormones, which can promote seedling growth. The seedlings are green and not yellow. The third increase in production is significant. Soybean seed coating can increase seedling rate, reduce seedling pests and diseases, and promote seedling growth, so it can significantly increase yield. 2. Seed coating method. The seed distribution department generally uses a seed coating machine to uniformly coat and supply coated seeds. If the coated seeds are not available, the farmer can also purchase a seed coating for artificial coating. The method is to use a plastic bag filled with fertilizer, put 20 kg of soybean seeds, add 300-350 ml of soybean seed coating agent, and quickly roll the bag after the mouth is closed, so that each seed is coated with a seed coating agent and bagged. spare.

Rare earth seed dressing rare earth is a kind of trace element fertilizer, which is composed of 15 kinds of elements such as 镧, 铈, 镨, 钕, 镝, 钷, 钐, 铕, 钆, 铽, 钬, 铒, 铥, 镱, 镥, etc. The composition, referred to as the lanthanide element, plus 17 elements of yttrium and yttrium, which are closely related to their properties, are collectively referred to as rare earth elements. The application of rare earths in agriculture can not only supply trace elements of crops, but also promote the development of crop roots, increase the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium by crops, increase the utilization of light energy, and thus increase production. Mixing rare earth with soybean can promote the growth of soybean roots and increase the photosynthetic rate, with an average yield increase of 8.1%. The seed dressing method is simple and easy.

The micro-fertilizer seed dressing proves that the soil lacking trace elements is tested by soil testing, or the soil with the effect of applying micro-fertilizer is proved by contrast test. The seed can be mixed with micro-fertilizer before soybean sowing. The dosage is as follows: ammonium molybdate, used per kilogram of beans 5 grams, the amount of seed dressing liquid is 0.5% of the seed amount. First, the ammonium molybdate is ground, placed in a container and added with a small amount of hot water to dissolve, and the corresponding water is added, sprayed on the soybean seeds with a sprayer, and dried after sowing. Borax, 0.4 grams per kilogram of beans, first dissolve the borax in 16 ml of hot water, and then mix well with the seeds. Zinc sulfate, 4 to 6 grams per kilogram of beans, and the amount of seed dressing is 0.5% of the seed weight.

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