The characteristics and production performance of northeastern human pig breeds

Origin and characteristics:
The northeastern population of pigs is an ancient local pig breed in the northeastern region. It has large (large population of pigs), medium (two populations of pigs) and small (purse purse) types. At present, with the exception of a small number of large-scale and small-scale human pigs in the rural areas of a small number of remote areas, the masses mainly feed medium-sized civilian pigs and north-eastern population pigs have the outstanding advantages of having lots of litter, good meat quality, cold resistance, and rough feeding. It is valued at home and abroad.

Variety characteristics:
The body coat is black. Strong physique, medium to large head. Face straight, ears drooping. Back waist is flat, single ridge, nipple more than 7 pairs. The limbs are thick, the hindquarters are narrow, and the swine fever is good. At the age of 8 months, the boars weighed 79.5 kg and had a body length of 105 cm. The sow had a body weight of 90.3 kg and a body length of 112 cm.

Fertility performance:
240-day-old body weight of 98 to 101.2 kilograms, daily weight gain of 495 grams, 1.23 kilograms of mixed concentrate per kilogram of weight gain. The weight of 99.25 kg was slaughtered and the slaughter rate was 75.6%. In recent years, the pigs reared after breeding and improving the structure of the diet have a body weight of 90 kg at 233 days, a lean meat percentage of 48.5% and a feed to meat ratio of 4.1 8:1.

Reproductive performance:
From 3 to 4 days of age, there is estrus. The estrus cycle of the sow is 18 to 24 days and the duration is 3 to 7 days. In rural areas, male and female pigs are 6 to 8 months old, and the body weight is 50 to 60 kilograms. The breeding rate is generally 98% for adult sows, 114 to 115 days for gestation, 14.7 litter size, and 13.19 live litters. Head, lived 11 to 12 in two months.

Hybrid effect:
Using the Duroc boar as a male parent to cross the northeastern human pig, the first-generation hybrid pig weighs 90 kg at 205 days, the ratio of feed to meat is 3.81:1, and the lean ratio is 56.19%. Landrace pigs are used as male parents and northeastern people. Pig hybrid pigs. Feeding 127.4 days can weigh up to 90 kg. The ratio of meat to meat was 3.22:1, and the lean meat ratio was 53.47%. The Hanshu boar was used as a male parent to cross the northeastern human pig and the hybrid pig was weighed at 90 kg on 179 days and the ratio of feed to meat was 3.78:1. The rate is 56.65%.

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