Analysis of the principle of high pressure homogenizer

High-pressure homogenizers are widely used in production, scientific research and technology development in the fields of food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, fine chemical and bioengineering.

(1) As a high-pressure homogenizer: It can make the material liquid refine and mix under the triple action of crushing and strong impact on the pressure-loss expansion. This equipment is an important processing equipment in the food, dairy and beverage industries. . The milk liquid such as milk and soy milk is homogenized under high pressure, so that the fat globule in the dairy liquid can be remarkably refined, and the product can be easily digested and absorbed after being eaten, thereby improving the edible value. In the production of products such as ice cream, the fineness and looseness of the liquid material can be improved, and the internal texture is obviously improved. Used in the production of emulsions, glues, juices, slurries, etc., it can prevent or reduce the stratification of the liquid, improve the appearance of the liquid, make the color more vivid, the fragrance is more concentrated, and the taste is more alcohol.

(2) As a high-pressure pump, the material liquid is generated by the equipment to generate high pressure, and the powder is prepared by a spray drying device. It is an important equipment in the production of powder. This equipment can be used in the homogenization and high pressure conveying of other liquids, and in high pressure spraying.

The high pressure homogenizer has the following advantages:

1. Better stability;

2. Improved nutritional value and preservation quality;

3. Better taste and color quality;

4. Improved homogeneity;

5. Better absorption;

6. Save expensive additives;

7, change the viscosity;

8, reduce the reaction time;

9, can be used for cell division.

Foot of ningxia hong xingda incense Organic Apple fruit suborbicular, fruit surface color yellow green, most with orange chardonnay fruit surface, covered with bright red stripes, pulp yellow-white, succulent crisp, sweet, rich fragrance, quality first-class; The fruit has a sugar content of over 15%, more than 4% of the national average, and the flesh is tight and crisp and sweet, which is widely loved by consumers all over the world. There is a longer optimal consumption date than any other apple, not even refrigerated. It can be kept for 4 months at normal temperature. If refrigerated, Fuji can be kept for 5--7 months.
Altitude: high altitude area light, clean air, environment close to original condition, no industrial pollution. With an average elevation of 1160-2900m, the central health center has a strong uv light, which produces the natural pollution-free apple, which conforms to the concept of a modern green diet.
Temperature: moderate temperature can avoid the chance of fruit tree encountering disease. The average temperature in ningxia is 8.4 degrees Celsius, which has an important influence on the growth, development, yield and quality of apple. The piedmont apple is thriving in such a good environment.
Humidity environment: moderate amount of rainfall provides necessary conditions for apple's growth. The annual rainfall in the central health region is 186 millimeters. The fruit is slow to grow and the fruit is hard and hard, which fully guarantees the fruit's sugar content and the relatively average size of apples.
Sunshine condition: apple is the fruit tree, the central health area of the whole year is nearly 3,800 hours, is beneficial to the Apple Fruit coloring. The piedmont apples are red and bright.
Temperature difference factors: ambassador apple nighttime respiration weak temperature gap between day and night, consume less organic matter, the accumulation of organic matter during the day more, that apple store down a large number of glucose sugar candy, etc have better taste. The average diurnal temperature difference between apple and apple is 14 degrees centigrade, and the larger diurnal temperature difference ensures the sweet and delicious characteristics of the apple.
Other factors: frost can make apple blossom and fruit, which can cause frozen flower jelly, which is bad for apple's production. The piedmont apple has been kept at least 167 days without frost for the whole year, which minimizes the influence of apple on yield and quality.

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