Energy-saving drying engineering technology has made a major breakthrough

Main: 耙 type vacuum dryer; vertical boiling dryer ; high speed mixing granulator; dry granulator; rocking granulator; fast granulator; dry roll granulator

China's energy-saving drying engineering technology has achieved a major breakthrough. The annual production of 600,000 tons of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) drying localized equipment developed by the Shandong Provincial Academy of Sciences Energy-saving Drying Technology Research Center has completed the theoretical model and industrial prototype. The equipment is not only comparable in terms of technology to foreign products, but also increases energy efficiency from 40% to 50% in the past to 70%. After the equipment is applied in large quantities, it will break the long-term monopoly of foreign companies on large-scale energy-saving drying equipment.

According to researcher Shi Yongchun, the chief expert of the center, the equipment is 4.2 meters in diameter and 42.5 meters in length. It is now on the field demonstration of Yangzi Petrochemical. The next step will be more than 20 sets of PTA domestic drying equipment.

In addition to the PTA drying field, the Energy Saving and Drying Engineering Technology Research Center has also made achievements in the drying of many chemical products such as soda ash and adipic acid. The soda-alkali calcination and drying large-scale internal thermal fluidization equipment developed by the center and Shandong Haihua Group is 18 meters high. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving drying equipment of domestic Zui. After 7 sets of application in Haihua Group, it has been promoted and applied in China. More than 60 sets replaced the imported equipment. They have cooperated with PetroChina Liaohua Branch to develop a large set of adipic acid fluidized drying technology and equipment, with an energy utilization rate of 75%. Currently, they are being invested in Shandong Hongye Group, Shandong Haili Company and Xinjiang Tianli Group.

It is understood that the Energy Conservation and Drying Engineering Technology Research Center of the Shandong Academy of Sciences is an open platform that works closely with enterprises and universities. At present, the center has researched and developed more than 1,000 sets of drying technology and equipment services for industrial production. Its benefits in energy conservation and investment saving have reached tens of billions of yuan, and more than 800 enterprises have been promoted.

Energy-saving drying engineering technology is a key core technology widely used in many industries, directly affecting the production capacity and energy consumption of enterprises. According to statistics, the energy consumption of drying equipment accounts for 12% of the total domestic energy consumption, which is of great significance to the realization of China's energy conservation goals. In today's energy shortage, the drying industry is an industry with great potential for energy conservation. At present, the energy utilization rate of domestic drying technology is only 40% to 50%, while that of foreign countries is as high as 70%.

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