Anniversary cultivation of broccoli onion

The promotion of broccoli, onion, and green soybeans in Yeonfung County has a beneficial effect of 1 year and 3 years of ripening. Generally, it can produce 1000-1200 kilograms of broccoli, 6000-6500 kilograms of onions and 800-900 kilograms of soybeans per acre. 4500-5000 yuan.
Varieties of broccoli are selected from heat-resistant, disease-resistant, dry-ripened Zhongqing No. 1 or Jade Pagoda.
Seedlings were planted on July 5-10 and transplanted on August 15-20 and harvested at the end of October. The dishes were raised with sorghum. After sowing, take a small shed to cover the shade net to cool down. Qimiao timely watering, seedlings. In the vegetable seedlings 3 leaves 1 heart stage urea, urea 7.5-10 kg per acre seedbed. Timely prevention and control of aphids, cabbage caterpillars, red and white spiders, blight, damping-off and other pests and diseases.
Soil fertility: 2500-3000 kg of organic fertilizer per hectare of base fertilizer, 50 kg of 45% compound fertilizer, 15-20 kg of diammonium phosphate, deep-leveling, sorghum at a width of 1 m, width of 30 cm, and depth 20 cm.
Transplanting seedlings in the appropriate period of 4-6 leaf stage colonization, each planting 2 rows, spacing 35-40 cm. Before the planting, the seedbed is poured with a small amount of water to raise the seedlings. Select planting in the afternoon, try not to hurt the roots when lifting, planting with the planting, and pouring the colonization water.
Fertilizer and water management will strengthen the management of fertilizer and water after planting the seedlings to promote plant growth. 15-20 days after planting, 25 kg of 45% high-nitrogen compound fertilizer was applied per acre combined with watering. After the top flowerball appeared, 15 kg of urea was applied per acre. In the pre-growth stage, spray 1-2 times of 0.1% grit blasting solution and spray 0.3% KH2PO4 solution or 0.5% urea solution once during the bulb formation period.
For the yellow skin onion varieties, the medium-early-maturing varieties, such as high-yield, good-ball-shape, and storage-resistant middle-early-maturing varieties, such as golden yellow jade onions or early-showing yellow daise onions, were selected.
Cultivate strong seedlings for planting seedlings on September 8-10, planting on November 5-10, and harvesting in early May. The plots with high topography and convenient drainage are selected as seedbeds. Each mu of farmland needs a 60m2 seedbed. 7 days before sowing, 5-7 kg of compost organic fertilizer, 2-3 kg of diammonium phosphate, and 50% of carbendazim WP 300 g were applied per mu of Daejeon seedbed, and the tiller was made 1.3-1.5 m wide. After sowing cover soil cover film, usually by 5-7 days to Qimiao, after emergence, depending on the soil moisture suitable for water. Focus on controlling seedling stage blight, damping-off, whitefly and other pests and diseases. The criteria for strong seedlings are plant height 18-20 cm, seedling 3 leaves 1 heart, stem diameter 0.4-0.6 cm, no pests.
Scientific application of planting before the establishment of base fertilizer, per acre Shi organic fertilizer 5,000 kg, 20-25 kg of urea, potassium sulfate 20 kg, 100 kg of superphosphate, Fuping do 2 meters wide flat. Filled with bottom water, after the water infiltration, use 33% Penicillin EC per acre and 150 ml of 24% ethoxyfenoxin EC 40+50 kg water spray, top mulching film, spacing by 20 cm , plant spacing 17 cm colonization.
Fertilizer management Spring onions turn green, combined with watering urea 8-10 kg per acre, onion inflated with watering per acre urea and potassium sulfate each 10 kg, bulbs 3-4 cm thick combined with water per acre Tianling brand potassium nitrate 8-10 kg, stop watering 10 days before harvest.
For the variety of soybeans used in the dish, Tongdou 6 or Taiwan 292, which is resistant to falling, disease resistance, and suitable for fresh-keeping, is selected.
After the onion was harvested in the field preparation, 45% of the compound fertilizer per acre was 25 kg, and the seedlings were sown and sown. May 10-15 sowing, August 10-15 picking listed. Seeds are sown 2 to 3 days before sowing to increase the emergence rate. According to the spacing of 50 centimeters, and the distance between the holes is 33 centimeters, sowing 3 seeds per hole. After sowing, use 96% of Jingduer per acre, 50-60 ml of refined metolachlor EC and 30 kg of water to spray.
Field management Soybeans have 1 true leaf and 2 seedlings per hole. At the beginning of flowering, 15% of paclobutrazol can be used as a wettable powder, 25 grams of water and 30 kg of spray can be sprayed and sprayed. During the flowering stage, 20 kg of urea is applied per acre, and soil is laid down after fertilization. At the same time, 100-120 ml of Huimanfeng Foliar Fertilizer plus 30 kg of water spray per acre during the harvest period, with 2-3 sprays.

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