Six points for summer rabbit breeding

First, breeding time should try to avoid the high temperature, because the female rabbit has a higher litter size in the environment below 25 °C, so should be in the morning and evening when the weather is relatively cool when the mating, when the rabbit's mental state is better, conceived The rate is higher. In addition, the feeding time should be avoided so that the male rabbit does not think that the female rabbit came to snatch the food and cannot mate. In addition, it is also important for the female rabbit to choose a good breeding time during the estrus period. The entire estrus period is divided into the early period, the middle period and the later period. The discrimination mainly depends on the change of the genitals. Unestrusated female rabbits are not swollen in the pudendal area and are normally flesh-white; pre-estrus becomes more humid, slightly swollen, pink; medium-term moist, swollen, showing red (commonly known as old red); late wet, swollen, purple and black. The best breeding period is in the middle and late stages of heat. Therefore, there are slang phrases like "Pink early, purple late, and old red".
Second, we must reasonably arrange male rabbits can not be long-term unworthy, can not be over-paired, the general mating the female rabbits into the cage of a male rabbit. If the female rabbit does not accept the mating, another male rabbit may be exchanged, but it is better to put the female rabbit back into the original cage for a while. After the peculiar smell has disappeared, the female rabbit is then caught in another male rabbit cage for breeding. Otherwise, when the female rabbit has the odor of the previous male rabbit, the latter male rabbit is not only unworthy, it may even bite the female rabbit.
Third, to grasp the female rabbit's initial mating age The female rabbit's initial mating age is between 5 and a half months to 7 months of age is appropriate, generally medium-sized rabbits with a mating age of 5 and a half months, small rabbits for 5 months, Large rabbits are six and a half months old. In order to increase the breeding rate, some breeders will mate with rabbits that are not sexually mature and have a mating age. The result may not only cause fetuses, weak babies, or undergrowth fetuses, but also the growth and health of rabbits themselves. .
Fourthly, the age matching of the so-called age matching should be carried out rationally, which is based on the mating age of the two rabbits. It is generally believed that the rabbits in the prime of life have the strongest viability. The species performance of old rabbits declines with age. Young rabbits generally lack mating experience. Therefore, young males and females mated with each other, and the rate of return was low. The born puppies are also weak and the survival rate is not high. Practice has proved that the offspring born to male and female mating have the best viability and production performance. Therefore, in the production practice, the old rabbit should be avoided as much as possible with the aged rabbit or the young rabbit. Young rabbits that are too old or younger than the initial age should be prohibited from breeding. Therefore, under normal circumstances, a young adult rabbit is equipped with a young rabbit, a young rabbit and an old rabbit.
Fifth, to improve the way of breeding One is a double match. About 10 minutes after the first breeding, another male rabbit is used for the second time. This method can only be limited to the production of goods, because as a seed can not determine the father's blood. The repeats were reconstituted with the same rabbit 6-8 hours after the first mating. Because rabbits are stimulating ovulatory animals, their ovulation time is about 10 hours after mating, so double matching or repeated allocation can often improve the conception rate, and promote multiple ovulation of female rabbits, and more pregnancy.
Sixth, pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of male rabbits breeding the number of male rabbits long-term unmatched or over-mating will cause infertility or infertility. Because male rabbits are unfit for a long period of time, the aging or dead sperm in the accumulated epididymis will be increased; over-breeding will make sperm production impossible to follow, and the semen concentration will be poor, and immature or abnormal sperm will also increase. Therefore, the number of general reasonable breedings is roughly once per day, with 2 days of rest for 1 day.

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