Dairy Industry Association: The quality of mainstream brands is stable and reliable

In order to grasp the quality and safety status of domestic infant formula milk powder and build the confidence of consumers, the China Dairy Products Industry Association has started the "monthly sampling plan" since May 2011. "Moon and month sampling plan" is voluntarily applied for by companies to join, and to provide product sales market distribution, commissioned by the Association of third-party inspection agencies, randomly sampled in the market for inspection.

In May, the Association commissioned a third party inspection agency, the National Dairy Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, to carry out quality inspections on products sold in supermarkets, shopping malls and specialty stores in Beijing, Taiyuan, Harbin, Shanghai and Xi'an. A total of 16 mainstream brands were sampled this time. Including: Shengyuan, Feihe, Nestle, Yashili, Cradle, Wandashan, Mingyi, Sunshine Baby, Ancient City, Sanyuan, Ou Shimeng, Guan Shan, Taizi Le, Hui Tianli, Shien, Cong Zhuang and other brands .

The inspection is based on the current mandatory national standards. The test items are mainly safety indicators. There are a total of 17 indicators, including: 1. Physical and chemical indicators: 6 items: fat, protein, carbohydrate, moisture, ash, and impurities; 2. Limit indicators for pollutants and mycotoxins: lead, Nitrite, Nitrate, Aflatoxin M1; 3, Microbiological Index 5: Total number of colonies, coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Enterobacter sakazakii; 4. Prohibited Substance 2: Melamine, leather hydrolyzate .

Participating in the "Monthly Sampling Plan" is itself a test of self-confidence. Because participating in the "Monthly Monthly Sampling Plan" means that companies dare to promise and guarantee that their products are in conformity with the requirements of the national standards. Inspection agencies can sample at any store and at any time. This is the confidence of the company in its own products. And the test results also show that the inspection indicators of all sampled products meet the requirements of the mandatory national standards; no melamine or leather hydrolysate is added to the banned substances; the product quality is stable and reliable, especially the test results of some key indicators are very good . such as:

Contaminant lead content, national standards ≤ 0.5mg/kg, 15 of the 16 samples sampled were not detected, only one sample detected 0.05mg/kg; national standards for nitrite content ≤ 2mg / kg, no nitrite was detected in the 16 samples sampled; the national standard for nitrate content was ≤100 mg/kg, of the 16 samples sampled, 2 were not detected, 6 were lower than 20 mg, the highest It is 50.8mg.

In microbiological examination, 13 of the 16 samples were produced before April 1, 2011. The detection results of the coliforms were all less than 30/100g (the national standard stipulates ≤ 40/100g); the national standard for the total number of bacteria is ≤30000. The number of test results is 11 samples between 100 and 1000/g, and 2 samples between 1000 and 5000/g, far below the national standards.

Physical and chemical indicators, the national standard for moisture content ≤5.0g/100g, the test results are 15 samples less than 3.5g, the highest one sample is 4.0g; impurity national standard stipulates ≤12mg/kg, inspection results 16 samples all ≤6mg /kg.

Skin Infection

Skin Infection

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