Summer corn sowing technique

To lay a good foundation for corn planting and improve grain production, the overall technical route for this year's corn production is to use high-yield varieties as the basis, and to focus on increasing fertilizer and water input, and comprehensive prevention of diseases and weeds as a guarantee to achieve high yields and efficiency. According to the actual situation this year, corn planting should focus on the following technologies:
First, choose quality varieties. According to the overall technical route, based on high yield, stable production, and high quality, we will develop both grain and feed corn varieties. This year, Zhengdan 958, which is both food and feed, is the main product, and it has been planted with Xing Kang 2, Nongda 108 and Denghai series.
Second, choose a good sowing date. Summer corn must be properly sown in order to fully realize the potential for yield increase and achieve ideal output and quality. For late-maturing varieties such as Nongda 108 and Denghai series, we should try to adopt intercropping 3-5 days before wheat harvest. For early-maturing varieties such as Zhengdan 958 and Xingkang 2, etc. Later than June 20.
Third, do a good job of seed dressing and seed dressing. In recent years, serious pests and diseases have occurred in corn. The adoption of seed coating and pesticide seed dressing can effectively prevent and control the occurrence of corn pests and diseases. Prevention of corn virus disease can be used 1.5% plant disease Ling II No. 10ml, right amount of water, mix corn 5kg; control root rot, smut can be used for 50% carbendazim or Triadimefon 10-15g, right amount of water , Mix 5kg corn seed; corn seedlings can be used to prevent seed corn seed dressing agent 40g, mix corn seed 5-7kg. 50% phoxim EC can be used to prevent and control underground pests, and the amount should not exceed 10 ml. For proper amount of water, 10 kg of corn should be mixed. Seed coating agent, can choose to harvest 50ml jade, package seed 5-7kg, both disease prevention and pest control.
Fourth, according to the variety of fixed density. Reasonable population structure is the basis for the high yield of summer corn, according to different varieties, different soil fertility and rational seedlings. For the plant type compact spikelet variety Zhengdan 958 acres Liumiao 4000-4500, for the tall plant large spike varieties Nongda 108, Mulanmiao 3000-3500 strains. The lower limit is for weaker land and the upper limit is for strong earth strength.
Fifth, strengthen seedling management. After the wheat harvest, pests and weeds were promptly controlled, and time seedlings, stipulated seedlings, early watering, combined with water conservation seedling water Mu chase nitrogen fertilizer (pure nitrogen) 4-5 kg, on the plot of the former loquat wheat phosphate deficiency 2-3 kilos Phosphorus fertilizer (P2O5). Increase potassium (K2O) 5-10 kg. Do a good job of chemical weeding, select high-quality herbicides on the road, master the best drug use period, and strictly operate according to the amount. The first is to use 200 ml of 40% EtOH mixture and 50 kilograms of water to spray the shoots before sowing. The second is to use 50% dufu mixture 150ml, water 50kg, spraying in the early stage of corn sprouts.


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