Cultivation Techniques of Citrus Fruit Trees

Professor Chen Lun-shou, senior advisor of Sinochem Fertilizer Agricultural University R&D Center, advises:

Citrus fruit trees are fruit trees that require more nitrogen and potassium, which is generally twice that of deciduous fruit trees. Therefore, the amount of fertilizer is large.

In order to ensure the harvest of citrus, we must pay attention to balanced fertilization.

According to the nutritional characteristics of fruit trees, it is necessary to spray liquid fertilizer.

Reporter: Professor Chen, citrus fruit is the main fruit of our country. For agriculture and science and technology to become rich, we should apply fertilizer rationally. Can you talk about the growth characteristics of citrus, please?

Expert: OK. Citrus, orange and grapefruit are collectively referred to as citrus fruit trees. Their growth characteristics are early results, long results, and large flowering. During the year, the spring, summer and autumn shoots are usually taken. If the winter is warm, winter shoots can also be taken. Therefore, there is no obvious deep dormancy. Citrus fruit trees are particularly well-developed fibrous roots, mainly distributed in 15-40 cm soil layers.

Reporter: In order to guide fruit growers to apply appropriate fertilizers, please tell us what nutritional characteristics of citrus fruit trees are.

Experts: The amount of nutrients absorbed by oranges is an important basis for determining the formula for fertilizing citrus. Due to different levels of production, there are large differences in nutrient uptake. Oranges are fruit trees that require more nitrogen and potassium. Citrus requires a large amount of fertilizer, which is generally twice that of deciduous fruit trees. Therefore, citrus fruit trees have a large amount of fertilizer.

Reporter: In order to produce high yields of citrus fruit, please explain the key points of fertilizer application for fruit farmers.

Experts: Yes. The main technical points for fertilizing citrus fruit trees are: According to the phenology and waiting period of citrus fruit trees, 4-5 times a year should be used for fertilization. One base fertilizer, that is, fruit fertilizer, and the other several are top dressings, ie, budding and stable fruit. Fertilizer and strong fruit fertilizer. Stable fruit period is long, but it can also be applied 1-2 times.

Citrus basal fertilizer (fruit pluck) is mainly applied to basal fertilizer before fruit harvesting or immediately after fruit harvesting. Organic fertilizer is mainly used together with available nitrogen fertilizer. According to reports, within one month before the soil temperature dropped to 10oC, it was the best time for applying base fertilizer. In order to restore tree vigor, promote flower bud differentiation, enrich fruiting branches, improve cold resistance, lay a good foundation for the results of the coming year, and must apply basal fertilizer in time after fruit picking.

Reporter: The timely application of basal mandarin oranges is of critical importance in the coming year. Then how can fruit trees be reasonably top-dressed in the coming year?

Experts: Cigarette top dressing is an important means to regulate the balanced development of vegetative growth and reproductive growth. According to the nutritional characteristics of citrus, the top dressing is usually divided into 3-4 times.

(1) The budding fertilizer is also called the early flowering period when the spring shoots sprout from mid-February to early March. Its purpose is mainly to ensure the quality of flowering and the quality of spring shoots, mostly with nitrogen fertilizer, and less phosphorus, potassium fertilizer.

(2) The stable fruit period, also known as the late flowering period, is applied in the later period of the first physiological fruit drop. Its role is to increase the fruit setting rate. During this period (May-June), fertilization should avoid large-scale application of nitrogen fertilizer, otherwise it will stimulate the burst of summer shoots and cause a lot of fruit drop. In order to protect the fruit more than the use of foliar spray fertilizer.

(3) Strong fruit fertilizer is usually applied during July-September. This period coincided with the rapid enlargement of fruit, the autumn shoots, and the flower bud differentiation period, and was an important period affecting the citrus fruit production in the current year and the coming year. At this time fertilization should be based on chemical fertilizers, and increase potassium fertilizer.

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