General knowledge of health: 4 issues that breast cancer patients should know best

To specifically guide the rehabilitation of breast cancer patients, Beijing Tiantan Hospital invited professors Shi Yuankai of Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Zhang Jiaqing of Peking University People's Hospital, Professor Lin Benyao of Beijing Cancer Hospital and other experts to discuss with patients. In the exchange, the question most frequently asked by breast cancer patients is life issues, mainly in the following four aspects.

1. Is it possible to wear a steel bra?

It is best not to wear tight underwear, so as not to affect the lymph and blood circulation, usually the bra with a steel support is tight, it is best not to use. It is recommended to use a soft, comfortable, loose bra and underwear.

2. Are there dietary taboos during treatment?

From the perspective of Western medicine, breast cancer patients can eat properly. However, during chemotherapy and radiotherapy, if patients have nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal discomfort reactions, under the guidance of a doctor, use Chinese medicine to help conditioning, in order to relieve symptoms.

3. How do breast cancer patients exercise?

It is best not to perform strenuous exercise, such as running, climbing, etc., so as to avoid damage to the joints. It is recommended to perform soothing exercises such as swimming and jogging.

4. Is estrogen negative recurrence and metastasis?

Under the same conditions, there is such a possibility, but it is not absolute. The key depends on the patient's condition with the treatment, the progress of the disease, and the patient's own condition. The specific conditions should be analyzed.

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