How to store castor beans

Castor beans are better preserved than other oils. Because the ramie fruit is easily cracked when it matures, the skin of the fruit naturally falls off, and generally it can achieve safe moisture, which is conducive to storage.

The storage of castor seeds is best stored in bulk or packaged storage, pay attention to moisture, shatterproof, because there are esterase enzymes in castor seeds, which can quickly promote the decomposition of fat in castor beans into fatty acids. The decomposition speed is very fast. As long as it is stored for several hours, the decomposition speed can be doubled. Especially in the summer, the decomposition speed is faster. Therefore, the bottom should be cushioned with lining or linoleum to prevent moisture absorption and mildew. The location of the cofferdam should be selected in a ventilated place. If there is moisture or mold grain, it should be packaged once a month, or it should be moved to outdoor air ventilation. But to avoid direct sunlight above 35 degrees Celsius, to prevent oil or rancidity.

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