Drink drink moisten lung soup effective beauty slimming

When the winter is dry, the body needs moisturizing. Therefore, the right season to drink more soup with nourishing lungs, especially women, often drink a suitable soup, can health, beauty.

Recommended for several seasons to drink, both beauty, slimming effect, in the home brewing more convenient soup. These soups are more neutral, and old children can also drink.

Agrocybe ribs soup

Material: 50 grams of tea mushroom, cut into small pieces, rinse it slightly (do not soak). 200 grams of small ribs, cut into small pieces, to red dates 10, 1 candied, 1 ginger.

Method: After the water in the pot is boiled, place all the ingredients in boiling water, cook for 15 minutes, and then simmer for 30 minutes with medium heat.

Function: Cellulite, clear stomach, and have a slimming effect.

Tip: People who do not eat meat do not need to put ribs, because there are mushrooms, so the soup is quite delicious.

Watermelon black chicken soup

Ingredients: 1 fresh watermelon (digging melon, leaving a little red, cut the melon into small pieces), 1 black-bone chicken, cut into pieces; 1 candied fruit, 200 grams of lean meat.

Accessories: 1 small piece of ginger.

Practice: First boil water, put chicken, ginger, lean meat, candied dates, cook for half an hour, medium heat for 1.5 hours. At this time, put the cut watermelon into the pot, and then use half the fire to cook. Hours can be. Finally, put salt according to taste.

Function: Nourishing Yin, clearing heat, tonic liver and kidney. This soup, for women, insists on long-term drinking and the skin will be lubricated. This soup is very good looking, red, green, black chicken is black, both delicious and nourishing.

Radix Ginseng Yuzu Fish Soup

Ingredients: 4 grams of Radix ginseng and Polygonatum, 5 grams of apricot and apricot, 1 candied fruit, 1 flower carp tail (about 750 grams), 200 grams of lean meat, 1 slice of ginger.

Method: Wash the fish tail first, put it into a pan (a little oil), fry golden brown on both sides. The water boils, put all the material into boiling water, burn for half an hour, then simmer for 1.5 hours, and finally place salt according to taste.

Function: Radix Ginseng and Polygonatum are used to regulate the lungs, thirst, and thirst, and are particularly helpful to people with excessive tobacco and alcohol and lack of sleep.

Tip: Adenophora, Polygonatum, and North and South apricots are all traditional Chinese medicines, but the taste is not obvious, so this soup is very fresh.

Honey melon head chicken soup

Ingredients: 250 grams of honeydew melon (pick up white melon, melon, green, a little, do not be too familiar), 250 grams of fresh conch meat (dry 100 grams), 500 grams of old chicken.

Accessories: 1 small piece of ginger.

Practice: It is best to use traditional high and deep jars, if not, stainless steel pots are OK. First boil the water (the amount of water is more than double the amount of material), then put the ginger, snail, and chicken into the big fire for half an hour, then use the medium heat for 2 hours, and put the honeydew melon (cut into small pieces) , and then use the fire for half an hour. The soup at this time is about half of the original amount of water. Finally put salt according to taste.

The dry snail meat is soaked in warm water for 1 hour and washed. The hen cuts 6 pieces of meat. If it is too fat, go for chicken skin. However, it is best not to peel (with chicken skin when it is soup).

Function: This soup is also known as jazz soup in Hong Kong and is said to be the best health soup that Sir Run Shaw has enjoyed. The positive color that the soup burns out is milky white, the woman drinks the best, has the beauty, the nourishing effect.

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