Inventory of the most common anti-fade foods

In recent years, scientists have researched and explored and launched some foods. Eating two of the following foods each day can enhance physical fitness and delay aging.


Nutrient-rich, improve immunity, lose weight, mushrooms have a lot of nutrients such as inorganic, vitamin, protein and other nutrients, but the calories are very low, eat often will not get fat. And the mushroom contains high plant cellulose, which can prevent constipation and reduce the cholesterol level in the blood. Vitamin C in mushrooms is much higher than normal fruits and can promote the body's metabolism.


No anemia, strong constitution, good skin, detoxification, protection of eyesight, stable emotions, can be far from iron deficiency anemia. It is very important for folic acid in spinach to be aimed at her mother. Sufficient folic acid supplementation during pregnancy not only avoids giving birth to babies with developmental defects, but also reduces the probability of new born babies suffering from leukemia, congenital heart disease and other diseases.


Anti-cancer, give you good appetite, energetic, whitening.

Eating tomatoes notice six taboos

(1) It is not suitable to eat with cucumber

(2) Not suitable for taking anticoagulant drugs such as heparin and dicoumarol

(3) Inedible when fasting

(4) Unsuitable to eat immature tomatoes

(5) It is not suitable for long-term heating and cooking

(6) Forbidden to eat when taking neostigmine or galantamine


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