Spring health Chuanbei red wine stew Sydney

Spring is suitable for replenishing and should not be overly nourishing. A chaibei red wine stew in Sydney is just right.

Pear, since ancient times, is the fruit of the majority of the people, sweet and slightly acidic, cold, non-toxic, with the lungs cool heart, anti-inflammatory and reducing fire, detoxification effect.

Chuanbei is able to regulate cough and heat caused by cumbersome work and crowded office environment. In addition to the better taste of Sydney, it also enhances its nourishing effect.

Red wine has nourishing face and accelerates blood circulation. This food has the functions of clearing, clearing fire, drying, soothe the nerves, and supplementing blood. It is a seasonal sweet dessert.

Ingredients: Chuanbei amount, Sydney (or fragrant pear, pear) 1

Ingredients: 1 cup of red wine, 1 tablespoon crystal sugar, 1 bowl of water

Practice: You can make this dessert with Chinese angelica chicken soup to save time.

First chop fritters, Sydney to core, cut in half. Put all the ingredients in the broth and boil it slowly. Pear's crystal-clear jade color is a little bit red under the influence of red wine and firepower. The kind of cooking feels wonderful. In the kitchen, a fresh, faint scent is slowly filled with the sensation of being comfortable and refreshing.

You can turn off the heat in an hour. Do not take them out immediately, let them stay quietly, and cool down a little. During this time, Chuanbei and crystal sugar slowly penetrated into the pear meat, and the tastes became one.

Open the lid of the stew, which is already a yummy oyster. Rock sugar and Chuanbei have already been steamed and pear-juiced. They are thick and look good.

Although Chuanbei is slightly bitter, it tastes different from the fragrance of pears, the sweetness of rock sugar, and the fruity flavor of red wine. Pears were sent into the mouth with a spoon. First, there was a burst of fragrance. There was no oiliness. The sweet juice slid into the throat. In the light, there was a slight sweetness, and the mind calmed down naturally. It takes a good dessert for a long time. You need fine products.

TIPS: It's easy to buy too many foods during the holiday season. The food at home is everywhere and it will cause you to eat more and make you healthier. So you have to buy every day, buy less every time, like French, eat only fresh food, and you can also exercise.

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