Thick skin melon pruning three methods

First, the type of double-vine pruning method is also known as Sun Mangua melon pruning method. When the seedlings have 4 true leaves, they pick their heart and promote vine growth. When the main vine grows to about 15 centimeters in length, they choose to keep 2 sturdy vines and remove the remaining vines. When 2 vines have 20-25 leaves Take heart and promote the occurrence and growth of Sun Man. In the low-temperature season, the guava stays in the 10th around the Sun vines, and in the high-temperature season, the melons that occur after the Sun vines in the 6th verse are left. The side vines that are expected to occur below the guava vines are all wiped out, leaving 2 leaves topping and all the side vines that occur in the first 3 verses of the vine are removed. For other non-proliferating and vigorously growing Sun Man, leave 1 leaf topping and let the poor growth grow.
Second, Austin style single vine pruning method, also known as vine vine melon pruning method. When the main vine has 25 - 30 leaves topping. During the cold period in early spring, the main vines from the 12th to the 16th, and the summer and autumn high temperature period will leave the vines in the main vines from 8th to 12th. Before flowering, the melon seeds were left with 2 leaves topping and the side vines in the first 3 vines were completely removed. The vine branching method without squash is the same as the swaying double vine pruning method.
Third, vertical single vine pruning method This method is suitable for greenhouses, greenhouses or open-to-ground intercropping melon pruning. When the seedlings grow up to 20 cm in length and tendrils occur, the exposed ground is placed on a 1.5-meter-high rack or suspended in a shed with a nylon rope. When the main vine has 25 to 30 leaves, it will be picked up, leaving the 3 seed vines on the 11th to 16th branches to make up the guava vines, leaving the guarana to leave 2 leaves to pick the heart, and the other pods and pods on the pods will be completely wiped off. .

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