Use seeder instructions

Before using the seeder, read the product instruction manual carefully to understand the scope of use, structure and characteristics. For the complete installation of the seeder due to transportation, it should be installed correctly according to the instructions.
Adjusting the seeding rate, the seeding amount of each seeding device should be basically the same, and the seeding amount should meet the planting requirements of the local agronomic regulations. If it does not meet, the whole adjustment can be made through the seeding amount adjustment handle set on the seeder and repeats. Until the test meets the requirements, when the displacement of each row is relatively large, the position of the lower clamp of the outer groove wheel metering device can be adjusted so that the working length of the seed wheel is nearly the same, and the row amount is basically the same. Sex, use the same method to adjust the amount of fertilizer.
For vertical disc type, pocket type, etc. seeder (for precision or semi-precision seeding), the instructions generally indicate the corresponding gear ratio, the corresponding seed quantity or number of plants per acre, Different gears (sprockets) can be replaced according to the instructions to obtain a suitable seeding rate.
Before the planter is in formal operation, proper seeding depth and distance should be adjusted. When the planter is in the hanging position, the main beam of the rack should be consistent with the ground clearance (parallel to the ground) and must not be skewed so as to ensure consistent broadcast and deep lines. When the adjustment is completed, it can be broadcast 10-20 meters in the land, and the soil depth, spacing, cover soil, and seed fertilizer application status (due to mixed seed fertilizer will result in seed burning and seedling emergence) will be checked and adjusted in time. Until the requirements are met.
When the planter is working, it should always check whether the seeding and rowing device is working properly, whether the seeding and rowing pipe is blocked, whether the opener is buried in the soil and whether the cover is normal, etc. The problem should be solved at any time.
During the sowing work or when the ground is raised, the grass and clay on the trencher and the earth-covering device should be cleaned in time to avoid affecting the quality of sowing.
When seeding operations, they should be added in a timely manner, add fertilizer, keep seed, fertilizer in the seed box, fertilizer is not less than 1/3 of the box volume. The planter is not lifted, and it is forbidden to reverse and turn. Otherwise, the opener is easy to obstruct the damage and cause the lack of seedlings.
After the work is done every day, dirt, weeds and other dirt on the machine should be cleaned. All parts of the bolts should be thoroughly inspected for tightness and whether the parts are damaged. Grease and engine oil should be added to each bearing drive chain and ground wheel.
After replacing or refitting parts, check that the installation is correct.
After the replacement sowing season is over, the seed and fertilizer boxes should be cleaned and washed with water, dried and then painted with oil. Placed in sheds, rooms and covered with seed and fertilizer boxes. Lubricate all parts with sufficient lubricant and sprockets. Articles should also be oiled to prevent wind and rain.

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