Golden treasure water feed fermentation agent (drip water efficient pig raising method)

Golden treasure water feed fermentation agent (drip water efficient pig raising method)
Muddy water includes rice water, rice soup, noodle soup, leftovers, fish residue, and kitchen waste. It has many varieties, rich nutrition, high digestibility, fat and more advantages. The restaurant's drowning contains more animal fat and more water content. According to the analysis, every 4 kg of hydrophobic water corresponds to 1 kg of fine material. However, drowning water must be treated strictly before being fed to pigs. If untreated pigs are used to feed pigs, the pigs will develop diseases. People who eat this kind of pork can also infect the disease. The country has also issued relevant policies. What?
It is easy and convenient to treat the water-breeding starter, but it is necessary to choose the farmer's starter, such as the golden treasure water feed starter. The golden treasure bait water fermentation starter contains a large number of functional microorganisms, and it is used to ferment water (drip water) into feed.
1. Ingredients will be first drained after drowning water, and then add other materials, the water will be reduced to about 60% (judgment method see the instructions, that is, grasping into a group, landing that is appropriate casual). Reference formulae are: (1) 60-70% of drowning water after draining; (2) corn flour 10%; (3) wheat bran 18%; (4) premix 1-2% (should follow the instructions if Premixes should be added when fermented to make full-price materials, not when full-rate materials are not produced by fermentation, and premixes can also be added after the fermentation); (5) Kinpo 2 Fermentation Auxiliaries Two thousandths (0.2%).
2. Fermentation with good material, according to instructions require sealed fermentation for one to three days. Details can visit the website or consult.

Introduction of Milking Parlor/ Automatic Milking Parlor 

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