Jinbao microbial fungus (action characteristics of bacterial fertilizer)

Jinbao microbial fungus (action characteristics of bacterial fertilizer)
Many people who have mentioned microbial fungicide are no stranger to it. It has brought us a lot of visible and tangible benefits, but how many people know its mechanism? Here may be a representative representative of the microbial fertilizer Jinbao introduced instructions.
1. Produce biological hormones to stimulate crop growth. The microorganisms in the golden baby bacteria fertilizer produce a lot of gibberella during the fermentation process (the so-called “fermentation” can actually be visually understood as the self-reproduction process of the microorganisms) or in the life activities of the soil. Elements and hormones and other substances, these substances in contact with the roots of plants, can regulate the metabolism of the crops, stimulate the growth of the crop, so that the crop yield increase effect.
2. The beneficial bactericidal function is to “eliminate evil spirits” to reduce the disease. The microorganisms in the golden baby bacteria grow and multiply in the roots of the plants, forming dominant bacteria, and the dominant bacteria form local advantages. This can inhibit and reduce the chance of invasive and reproductive pathogens, and can reduce the effects of crop diseases. Visually understood as "positive pressure".
3, beneficial bacteria stimulate organic matter to release nutrients. After a large amount of organic matter is activated by beneficial microorganisms, it can continuously release the nutrients needed for plant growth to achieve long-lasting fertilizer effects.
4, can loose soil fertilizer, improve the environment. Rich organic matter can also improve soil physical properties and improve soil aggregate structure, thus loosening the soil and reducing soil compaction, which is conducive to water conservation, fertilizer conservation, aeration, and promotion of root development, and provide suitable micro-ecological growth environment for crops. Details can visit the website or consult.

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