How to make dairy cows prolific

Feeding congee to dairy cow congee can increase milk production by 13% compared to feeding dry and wet food. The processing of congee material can first add a little powdered fine material with a little amount of salt and dilute with a proper amount of water. When the water in the pot is boiled, pour in and mix for 5-15 minutes.

The head is hot and cold, and the hot water bottle is fixed between the two corners of the cow. The winter is filled with hot water. In the summer, the cold water is filled to make the cow feel comfortable. The cold and heat stress is small, and the milk production is increased.

Trimming hoof hooves trims hoof hoofs once every quarter, especially at the end of autumn and early spring. Correct incorrect cow hoofs. Dairy cows can increase milk production by 1 to 2 kg per day.

Feeding fats and fats has high heat production performance and can improve the palatability of feeds. Adding 3% to 5% of animal fats and oils in feeds can increase the digestibility of feed for dairy cows, and at the same time, it must increase the calcium content in the seasoning.

Feeding at night during the night at around 11 o'clock in the evening to supply 1 kilogram of hot clinker to dairy cows, which can increase nutrition, improve cold resistance, and increase daily milk by more than 2 kilograms. Summer recharge can also achieve the same effect.

Feeding oyster shell sunflower seeds oyster shell sunflower seeds are rich in protein and fat, adding 10% to 20% in the feed. Milk production can be increased by about 15%.

The sweet sorghum sweet sorghum is rich in nutrients. According to experiments, the sweet sorghum of the dairy cow feed 0.5-1 kg of milk per day per head.

Feeding citrus stalk feed Japan developed into a citrus fermented milk feeding, using this material to feed cattle, milk production can be increased by about 30%. The method is: When pruning citrus trees in early spring, the branches are collected, washed and cut into pieces, mixed with a small amount of beer as a starter, placed in a silage, and fermented for 10 days.

Adding Carotene In a dairy cow diet 30 days before milk production and 92 days after milk production, the addition of 7 g of carotene preparation will result in a net increase of 200 kg of milk per lactation period.

Feeding fish and shrimp each day mixed with 0.3 kg of small shrimps cooked in feed can increase the output of milk by 2 kg. If dairy cows add 0.75 kg of fishmeal per day at the beginning of lactation, they can increase production by about 1.5 kg.

Feeding soda in the lactating period of dairy cows, 150 grams of baking soda per head per day, can make milk production peak in advance, and can maintain 8 months, so that the milk production to provide 30%; in 40% coarse material, 60% fine In the average feed diet, 1.5% sodium carbonate and 0.8% magnesium oxide were fed to the cattle, and 3.8 kilograms of fresh milk was produced per head per day.

When urea was fed with 150 grams of urea (2.5% of the concentrate), the increase in milk production was greatly increased, and no poisoning occurred. No poisoning will occur.

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