A New Cucumber Variety--New Cucumber

On January 27th, 2010, the "Newly Optimized Clementine", which was jointly selected by the Chaozhou Guoshu Institute and the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences' Fruit Research Institute, was field-tested by the Guangdong Provincial Seed Management Station.

The “Newly Optimized Banana Orange” was first discovered by the Chaozhou Guoshu Institute in the year 2000 in the first banana planter orchard in Xiaguang Village, Xinhui Town, Raoping County, and was later discovered by the Chaozhou Guoshu Institute and the Provincial Fruit Institute. Breeding. The strain grew more prosperous and tree vigor opened. Fruit nearly spherical, fruit shape index 0.91 ~ 0.93; peel orange-red, skin thickness 0.42 ~ 0.5 cm, easy to peel; fruit heart is small, half empty; fruit orange-red, soluble solids content of 10.6-11%, titratable acid content 0.44g/100g, vitamin C content 32.5mg/100g, pulp residue, moderate sweetness, strong flavor. The edible rate is 69.8%. The average number of seeds per fruit is 1.8 grains. The five-year tree yields up to 3932.4 kg.

The expert group for field identification identified that the genetic traits of the strain were stable and had the advantages of large fruit size and high yield compared with the control variety (Xin No. 1 banana plant). The comprehensive traits were excellent and had good prospects for production and application. It was suitable for me. Provincial banana planting areas.

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