Disposable Brooding Breeding Cage

With the continuous development of the poultry industry and the improvement of scientific research, the cage breeding of broiler breeders has progressed from the experimental research stage to the large-scale breeding stage. Compared with the traditional flat-keeping mode, cage culture technology can better solve the disadvantages of low survival rate of broiler breeders, difficulty in feeding restriction, low fertilization rate, small breeding density per unit area, and difficult management. A number of tests at home and abroad have proved: Roman, A. A. The breeders of Aveyin's ancestors and their parents' meat substitutes have received satisfactory results.

Taikang Yinxing Aquaculture Equipment Co., Ltd. of Henan Province has many years of animal husbandry equipment production history, strong technical force, complete equipment, and reliable product quality. After years of practice and exploration, the company has developed a reasonable structure, rigorous and flexible combination. Convenient, sturdy, disposable brooding bred cages. The cage adopts a four-layer double-sided active net, a horizontal push-pull cage door, and is equipped with a double-sided feed trough and a high-side-grip dung.

Specifications: 1.74 cm 0.56 cm 1.62 cm (4 layers in total), can feed 400 chicks, 200 chickens, broilers can be fed according to different weight 80 to 140. Effectively increase the ratio of meat to meat more than 25%, save feeding space, improve the space utilization rate by 1 to 1.5 times; reduce the dosage by 50% to 70%; increase the temperature and save energy by 50% to 70%; save the feeding time by more than 1 time; effectively improve survival The rate of up to 99.5%; compared with similar products, each group can reduce the investment of about 200 yuan. In October 2004, the product was granted a national patent and the patent number was ZL03263042.5.

The birth and delivery of this product has filled the gap in the domestic cage-raised broiler chicken. Since its listing, it has won praise from users and professionals from all walks of life. It has created good social benefits and has become a recognized industry-leading product.

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