How to open spring rapeseed scientifically

After the beginning of spring, rape enters a period of high growth and needs to absorb a large amount of nutrients. Therefore, scientific fertilization should be carried out according to soil quality, climate and fertilization before spring, in combination with seedling conditions. ?

Early application of spring fertilizer: early spring fertilizer can remedy the shortage of winter rape, and promote more branches and early buds. For rapeseed, which has insufficient basal fertilizer and no wax fertilizer is applied, applying top dressing in early spring is the key to seizing high yields. General mu with 15-20 kg of ammonium bicarbonate or 6-7 kg of urea diluted with manure water application. ?

Clever application of fertilizer: rape bud stage is a critical period for rape spring crops, at this time the amount of fertilizer required is relatively large, accounting for about half of the total. For basal fertilizer, wax fertilizer shortage, weak seedlings, poor growth of the field to be applied early, that is, when the height of 3-5 cm, Mu Shi human urine 750-1000 kg, plus 4-5 kg ​​of urea Or ammonium bicarbonate 20 kilograms of water pouring; on the vigorous field of seedlings, manure fertilizer should be applied late, lightly applied, generally more than 12 centimeters above the height of the manure, 150 to 200 kilograms of human excrement with ammonium bicarbonate 3-4 Kilograms were poured into the water; for "double-autumn" type rapeseeds, less or no nitrogen fertilizer should be applied. ?

Potassium fertilizer application: Potassium fertilizer applied in spring can increase resistance to lodging, disease resistance, cold resistance and stain resistance. Especially for potassium-deficient soils, sandy fields, and hybrid rice fields, the application of potash fertilizer in spring will have a significant effect on increasing production. Potash fertilizer applied to rape, generally in late February to early March, mu 150-200 kg of plant ash, or 15 kg of potassium chloride applied.

Supplemental application of fertilizer: Appropriate amount of supplemental application of fertilizer can make rape more robust, increase grain weight gain. Fertilizer generally adopts foliar spraying. When the height of loquat is 50-60 cm, it is selected to be sprayed on sunny days without wind. For poor growth, add 300 grams of urea mixed spray to the prepared potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution. ?

Spraying boron on the leaf surface: The lack of boron can cause the phenomenon of “flowering but not realizing” the rape. The application of boron can play a preventive and control role, which is particularly important for hybrid rapeseed and high quality rapeseed. Boron after spring rape, generally in the flood season and the early flowering period of each spray once, each borax 50-100 grams, first dissolved with hot water, and then against the water 50-60 kg spraying.

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