When will the farm be disinfected

Before the livestock is sterilized, one week before the purchase of livestock and poultry, the sheds and their surrounding areas shall be thoroughly disinfected to kill all pathogenic microorganisms.

The ability to regularly disinfect pathogenic microorganisms is very strong. Regardless of whether they are raising or keeping livestock, livestock and poultry sheds and their surroundings must be sterilized on a regular basis. Large-scale farms generally have strict disinfection systems and measures, while ordinary farmer households have a small number of cultures and they are usually 1-2 times per month.

After slaughter of livestock and poultry after slaughter, there are more pathogenic microorganisms inside and outside the housing, which must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Disinfect the ground, walls and surrounding areas of livestock and poultry housing. All the excrement must be piled up and allowed to ferment. All culture tools should be cleaned and the drugs should be disinfected.

Enhanced disinfection at high temperatures Summer temperatures are high, and pathogenic microorganisms are highly prolific. This is a high season for livestock and poultry diseases. Therefore, we must increase the intensity of disinfection, use a wide spectrum of highly efficient disinfectant drugs, increase the frequency of disinfection, generally not less than one weekly disinfection.

Emergency epidemic outbreak of epidemics If epidemics occur in livestock and poultry, they often cause infections. They should be immediately isolated and treated. At the same time, all feed, drinking water, and excrement should be quickly cleaned, and emergency disinfection should be carried out. If necessary, feed and drinking water must be disinfected. When infectious diseases occur in livestock and poultry nearby, the immunization and disinfection work must be strengthened.

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