Prevention and treatment methods of pests and weeds after turning green wheat

After spring wheat turns green, it is a period of frequent occurrence of diseases, weeds and weeds, and we must pay close attention to the occurrence of pests and weeds. Prevention and control of weeds should be carried out before jointing, and in the mid and late stages of wheat, attention should be paid to the prevention and control of diseases such as midge, aphids, wheat leaf bee, powdery mildew, head blight, sheath blight, and rust. Do early prevention and early prevention and treatment.

1. Weeds:

The broad-leaved weeds are mainly wheat straw and Chinese chive, and are sprayed with the herbicide of tribensulfuron before the jointing of wheat. For example, 75% of giant stars, 1 to 1.5 grams of or 10% of tribenuron-methyl powder are used in mu. ~15 grams of water spray. For the weeds in large or adjacent lands, avermectin and konjac-type high-efficiency and low-toxic acaricides were used to add water, and sprays were used to control wheat spiders and planthoppers to prevent bushy dwarf disease. In wheat fields with grasses and weeds (bread), the first one in spring is cultivating weeds, and the second is manual extraction.

2. Diseases and pests:

1 Control of wheat midge pests: Prevention and treatment of poisonous soil in flood season: In late April (early end of booting period), use 50% phoxim 250 grams or 200 percent of 48% Basil, 2 kg of water evenly sprayed on 20 to 30 kg of dry On fine sandy soil, spread it over wheat field and water immediately. Adult stage foliar spray control: in early May (heading period), per acre with 4.5% of beta-cypermethrin EC 40 ml + 50 ml phoxim EC or 10% imidacloprid wettable powder 15 g water 50 kg spray.

2 Wheat bran, wheat leaf beet control: In the second half of April to mid-May, with pyrethroid pesticides or fast killing or imidacloprid or dimethoate spray control.

3 powdery mildew prevention and treatment: When the disease rate in the field reaches 20%, spraying with 20% tetrafencarb per acre 40 ~ 60 ml or 25% carbendazim 500 times spray control.

4 Control of wheat scab: From the end of April to the beginning of May, it is the key period for prevention and prevention. 50% of carbendazim WP can be used for 100g or 70% of thiophanate-methyl WP can be used for 50-75g. 60 kg of water spray, usually before the rain medication, spray 1 to 2 times after the rain.

5 The control of wheat sharp eyespot disease: When the diseased plant rate reaches 15%, mu 5% Jinggangmycin 200 ~ 300 grams of water spray 30 ~ 50 kg wheat plant base.

6. Control of wheat stripe rust: Closely concerned with the occurrence dynamics of wheat stripe rust, found that the center of the disease on the occasion of the mu with 12.5% ​​diniconazole 20 to 30 grams or 15% triadimefone powder 100 grams of water spray.

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