What should I do if shed vegetables are exposed to high temperature hazards?

In summer, many vegetable farmers are worried that the vegetables in their greenhouses will be exposed to high temperature hazards. How do you identify and prevent vegetable heat damage? Here's a brief introduction to the vegetable farmers.

Symptoms of direct injury: the high temperature will increase the evaporation of the shed, resulting in wilting of seedling plants, but also make part of the fruit a partial sunburn, with tomatoes, peppers, sweet pepper victims, will seriously affect the quality of goods. Poorly differentiated flower buds: Some fruits of vegetables and fruits, under high temperature conditions, can reduce female flowers and increase male flowers. Tomatoes and peppers usually have small flowers and small fruit at high temperatures. Caused by falling flowers and falling fruit: the temperature is too high will lead to a large number of photosynthetic products consumed in the crop body, so that flower bud differentiation and nutrient supply of young fruit is insufficient, increase the falling fruit, will reduce the crop yield. Affect the normal formation of pigments: Practice has proved that the optimum temperature for tomato growth is 20°C-30°C. In this range, when the temperature is high, the color is fast and the color is good. When the color is over 30°C, the coloration is slow, and when it reaches 35°C, the formation of lycopene is difficult. Even if the fruit is mature, the color is not good, which affects its commercial value. Virulmonary diseases are easily caused: The virus disease manifests itself in a hidden state at low temperatures. However, when the conditions are appropriate, especially when it is hot and drought, it will be manifested as a symptomatic state, causing symptoms such as mosaicism, curling, and fruit stripe to appear suddenly in healthy vegetables.

Countermeasures If the above symptoms occur in vegetables, it is a high temperature hazard. For virus diseases caused by high temperature, it is possible to spray 500-600 times of virus must be water emulsion plus pyridinemycin 1000 times, triacontanol one. Some farmers use the method of watering to reduce the temperature. This method will produce good results, but it should not be used frequently because watering will lead to reduced soil permeability and prone to rooting. You can use the shade net to cool down, it is best to use the black shading rate of 45%, but can only be used during a period of time before and after noon, can not be used throughout the day, so as not to interfere with the normal photosynthesis.

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