Fresh leaf picking techniques and methods

1. Picking tea trees in a timely manner has the characteristics of long harvesting period, annual picking and multi-batch harvesting. Therefore, each batch and quarter must be tightly fastened, and young shoots that meet the quality requirements of tea production must be timely picked. If a batch does not pay attention in the first quarter, it will have a chain reaction affecting the output quality of the year and beyond. Most tea regions in Guizhou have a harvest period of 5 to 6 months a year. The tea picking time in the western high mountain tea region is only about 4 months a year, so it is very important to grasp the timing of tea picking in time. To master the season, first of all, it is necessary to do a good job in the spring tea production period. When 10-15% of new shoots on the tea tree reach 1 bud 2 or 3 leaves, they should be mined. This is a good time for processing early spring high quality tea. Finely according to the standard fine mining. When the new shoots are extended to a vigorous period (ie, the peak period), sufficient labor should be organized in a timely manner, and the tender shoots on the picking surface should be as clean as possible. If the delay time is aging shoot aging, not only affect the quality of tea in the season, but also inhibit the germination and growth of the next round of tea, the output is still up. In summer, Guizhou Province has high temperatures and abundant rainwater, which is conducive to the photosynthesis of tea plants and the emergence of new shoots. It is an important season to seize high-yield crops throughout the year. The output can reach 30% to 40% of the whole year, which cannot be ignored, especially in the alpine tea region. Summer tea is often the main component of tea production throughout the year, and it is even more difficult to catch spring tea and ignore summer tea. Fall is often plagued by falling rain, affecting autumn tea yield and quality, and sometimes even without income, but in the rainy year or the water-irrigated tea area, autumn tea can still obtain high quality and high yield, and every effort should be made to strive. 2. Strictly grasping the picking standards The picking standards vary greatly depending on the type of tea being produced. The same type of tea is also very different due to different quality levels. Guizhou Province mainly produces the export of broken red tea and domestic fried green tea. Its picking standards are mostly 1 bud with 2 leaves and 3 leaves with equal tenderness. In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for high-end premium teas has been increasing, and all kinds of famous teas require the picking of young shoots with 1 bud and 1 leaf, or 1 bud with 2 leaves, because only Very young sprouts can be processed into beautiful, refined, rich in special products. Adhere to picking standards, but also pay attention not to adopt the small buds that have not reached the standard and mature pairs of clips. According to the study of Guizhou province's Ruye scientific study, the tea leaf cultivars, the average weight of young shoots of 1 leaf and 1 leaf is only about 0.1 grams, 1 leaf and 2 leaves are 0.3 grams, and 1 leaf and 3 leaves are 0.5 to 0.6 grams. Therefore, the production of red and crushed tea should be based on 1 bud and 3 leaves, and the production of green tea should be based on 1 bud and 2 leaves to ensure high quality and high yield. As for the use of 1 bud and 1 leaf as the famous tea, the yield has been reduced, but its output value has been greatly increased, and its economic benefits are considerable. Picking clips should be picked in time when they are tender, which can lift the inhibition and promote the germination of the next round of tea. At the same time, the negative impact on the quality is also small. If the leaves are already aging, the resting buds can no longer be harvested. The first one is to seriously reduce the quality of tea leaves, the second is to reduce the photosynthetic area and sprouting leaves on the canopy, affect and interfere with the growth of second-round tea, and adversely affect the yield increase. When picking young shoots, care must be taken to keep them up, and how many leaves should be kept under different circumstances. For tea gardens that have just been put into production from the 4th to 5th year, spring tea leaves one leaf, summer tea leaves one leaf, and autumn tea leaves fish leaves. For tea trees over 5 years old, according to the characteristics that the leaves are concentrated in spring, the leaves are collected at the end of spring and early summer, and the leaves are picked at the rest of the time. This measure can increase the yield of summer tea by more than 5%. Concentrated leaves increased production by more than 8%, which increased production by more than 10% over the entire year. 3. Adherence to batches of ground-harvested tea trees due to different varieties, tree vigor and shoot growth site, germination time is also different, reasonable batch picking is to achieve the first pick before the start, after the post-production, first to pick the standard First pick, not meet the standards. Due to batch harvesting, the nutrient buds are continuously differentiated to form, germinate, and grow leaves, so that the tea tree often maintains a certain number of shoots and leaf areas capable of photosynthesis during the growing season, so that the supply of organic materials will not be disjointed due to picking. At the same time, the respiration and transpiration of buds leaves the underground water and inorganic salts in a steady stream, maintaining the normal growth of tea plants, which is very beneficial to improving the quality of fresh leaves. The interval between batches should be based on the number of days required to display a new leaf and the tenderness of the new shoot. Spring tea in Guizhou province should be taken 6 to 7 days, a batch of 3 to 4 days at the peak; summer tea 5 to 6 days to pick a batch; autumn tea 4 to 5 days to take a batch is appropriate. If a young bud of 1 bud and 1 young leaf is used as a high-quality premium tea, it needs to be picked every day. At present, in many rural and tea fields in Guizhou Province, due to lack of labor and lack of understanding of technology, reasonable batch picking is difficult to implement; the phenomenon of centralized mining of “headwater” still exists, which is extremely unfavorable for improving tea yield and quality.

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