Out-of-the-way care for potted flowers

Back shade conservation law. After pouring enough water, place the flower pot on the shade and windless place to reduce water evaporation. It is necessary to lay a layer of wet moss or cover a layer of plastic film on the surface of potting earth so that the holding time is longer. Fine sand basin conservation method. If you have a long time to go out, you can place the potted flowers in a large porcelain plate, fill the plate with fine sand, and according to the return time, pour some water in the fine sand. Water basin bypass maintenance method, put a pot of water next to the flower pot, with a thick cloth, one end immersed in a water basin, one end of the pressure in the pot bottom of the drainage hole. Due to the capillary effect of the thick cloth, the water in the basin can slowly infiltrate the pelvic floor, moisten the basin soil, adjust the thickness of the thick cloth, and extend the moisturizing time. Acid and alkali treatment method. First cut off the excessive branches and leaves of the plant to reduce the water transpiration, then apply it to the incision with any one of acetic acid and boric acid.

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