The pharmacological effects of Huang Jing

Pharmacological effects 1. Effect of anti-pathogenic microorganisms: In vitro tests showed that: Huang Jing contains antibacterial substances, inhibiting acid bacteria in test tubes. For experimental tuberculosis in guinea pigs, the Huang Jing Decoction and post-infectious lymphadenopathy are given at the same time as the infection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Drugs, have a significant antibacterial effect, and can improve the health status, its efficacy and isoniazid close. Yellow crude preparations and water extracts have inhibitory effects on Gram-negative salmonella and Gram-positive Staphylococcus aureus. However, there are also reports that it has only a weak inhibitory effect on typhoid bacillus, but no inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus. Huang Jing 1:10 concentration has inhibitory effect on herpes virus and delays effect on glandular 3 virus. More than 2% of the concentration of solution of xanthanol extract began to have inhibitory effects on Trichophyton rubrum, red epidermis and other fungi, and its water extracts against trichophyton hirsutum, Kaufmann-Wolfe epidermophyton Inhibition. However, it has also been reported that 10% Huangjing decoction only has slight inhibitory effect on wool-like microsporum but is not effective against other fungi. 2. Effects on Blood Glucose: Huang Jing extract administered orally to rabbits, whose blood glucose levels were normal, gradually increased, and then decreased. This temporary increase in blood glucose levels may be caused by the presence of carbohydrates, the rate of increase in blood glucose, and the effect of aging. Both are directly proportional to the amount of Huang Jing extract. Huangjing extract has a significant inhibitory effect on hyperglycemia caused by epinephrine hydrochloride. Semen extract methanol extract intraperitoneally 4 hours after the normal and streptozotocin-induced hyperglycemia in mice, has its role in reducing blood glucose. The methanol extract of Rhizoma Polygonati has obvious anti-adrenergic effects on blood glucose, so it is believed that its hypoglycemic effect may be related to its inhibition of hepatic glycolysis system function. 3. Effects on the cardiovascular system: 0.15% genistein preparation increased the cardiac contractility of isolated iliac crest, but had no significant effect on heart rate; 0.4% genistein solution or aqueous solution accelerated heart rate in isolated rabbits. 0.2g/kg of the xanthanol preparation had an effect on the coronary flow in the canine heart in situ; there was no significant effect on the femoral artery pressure, heart rate and central venous pressure. Its effect of increasing coronary flow is equivalent to aminophylline 0.75mg/kg. The methanol extract of Huangjing can significantly increase the contractility of rat atrial muscle. Huangjing water extract can significantly increase coronary flow in isolated rabbit heart perfusion. Huang Jing solution intravenous injection of rabbits (1.5g/kg) against pituitrin-induced acute myocardial ischemia; mice intraperitoneal injection (12g/kg) can significantly improve its ability to withstand hypoxia. 4. Effect on blood lipids and atherosclerosis: Huang Jing decoction (100%) gavage the experimental hyperlipidemia rabbits, and it has a markedly reduced effect on triglyceride, β-lipoprotein, and blood cholesterol. However, it has also been reported that while rabbits were fed with cholesterol, intramuscular injection of Huang Jing injection, no lipid-lowering effect was observed. Intramuscular injection of Huangjing and Chishao injection to experimental atherosclerotic rabbits can reduce plaque and coronary atherosclerosis on the intima of the aortic wall compared with the control group. 5. The role of immune function: Studies have shown that: Huang Jing has a certain impact on cellular immunity, humoral immunity, can increase the lymphocyte transformation rate, is conducive to the formation of antibodies. After the 90% lethal dose was irradiated with 60Co, the polysaccharide of the polygonatum sp. was given. The weight gain of the spleen was significant and the hematopoietic foci increased in the mice from the 9th to the 11th day. The DNA content of the spleen, liver, heart and other organs increased. Experiments show that: Huang Jing, ginseng, epimedium compound preparations can enhance the role of cellular immunity, can increase the number of animal spleen T cells and exogenous thymus-dependent antigen humoral immunity. 6. Other effects: Huangjing's water leaching solution, ethanol-water leaching solution and 30% ethanol leaching solution can reduce the blood pressure of anesthetized animals. Huangjing has the function of inhibiting adrenocortical function; it has a certain improvement effect on fat and glucose metabolism disorders caused by adrenal hyperfunction. Huang Jing decoction gavage the mice, can significantly reduce the content of myocardial lipofuscin and increase the activity of superoxide dismutase in the liver. It has a certain significance for enhancing the body's health level and delaying aging. Huang Jing to the mice gavage (6g/kg/d), for 10 consecutive days, can increase the red blood cell membrane Na +, K + - ATP enzyme activity.