Dietary standards for musk rat

The combination of diets is an important part of the musk rat breeding. Only with a reasonable feed formula can meet the nutritional needs of muskrats in different biological periods, give full play to their production performance, improve feed utilization efficiency, and reduce feed costs.
Diet formulation principles and requirements:
First, when preparing the concentrate, it is necessary to understand the nutrient contents and their contents in the green, coarse, and juicy feedstuffs consumed by the muskrats that use this concentrate, and to supplement or lack the feedstuffs. Nutritional ingredients to ensure that animals consume enough nutrients.
Second, according to the determination of suitable breeding standards for different biological periods of muskrats, combined with feeding practices, continue to improve and supplement.
Third, when formulating rations, it is necessary to consider the types and quantities of existing feed resources in the local area, as well as various physicochemical characteristics and nutritive value of feed, and try to achieve full nutrition, stable ingredients, and good palatability.

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