What is the core mechanism of action of fish and shrimp water conditioners?

What is the core mechanism of action of fish and shrimp water conditioners?

What are the most worried about aquaculture? One is afraid of illness, the second one is afraid of death, and the other is afraid that the food is not long meat! With "Goldbeet" fish and shrimp water conditioner, Ginba aquatic feed additives, all do not have to fear!

why? Compared with livestock farming, fish and shrimp aquaculture are very different. First of all, the environment is different. Livestock farming is carried out on land. Almost no one lives in the same general environment as humans. Therefore, oxygen deficiency is generally rare. Aquaculture takes place in the environment of water. The dissolved oxygen in the water and the oxygen in the air In contrast, not only is the amount less and more varied, but aquatic animals can only use "dissolved oxygen" to survive, so the "how much" and the quality of oxygen content are directly related to their survival and death, which in turn determines the economic benefits. The success and failure of the aquaculture industry. Second, the dangerous crisis is handled differently. Livestock live on land and can be diagnosed and treated correctly once they are sick. Fish and shrimp live in water and cannot be separated from the water environment. Therefore, once fish and shrimp become infected, it is difficult to diagnose and inject drugs. At the same time, most of the sick fish and shrimp have already lost their appetite. Even if various drugs are added to the diet, the diseased shrimp is difficult to eat, but it is eaten first by healthy fish and shrimp. If external medicines are used, it is difficult for them to work because of the volumetric capacity of the body of water, which is often hampered by the dilemma of being in a cup of water. Therefore, if the aquaculture industry is to succeed and generate very good economic benefits, it must be aware of the “disease-free prevention, prevention-responsive-to-governance” approach, or it may lead to catastrophe and regret.

The golden fish treasure shrimp water quality conditioner and the aquafeed (bait) additive are high-tech microbial preparations specially developed for the special environment and conditions of the aquaculture industry, and have special effects on fish and shrimps and other aquaculture. The core role of the special microbiological preparation for golden fish and shrimps is a special type of bacillus, which was obtained through hundreds of times of separation, screening, mutagenesis, purification, and rejuvenation by well-known experts at home and abroad. This kind of vitality, strong resistance, wide adaptability, low oxygen consumption, and ability to rapidly decompose organic matter can be considered the first in China in terms of its cost performance.

"Kimbo Fish Shrimp Water Conditioning Agent" can rapidly and effectively degrade and mineralize large amounts of organic matter and various waste, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, sulfide and phosphorous, etc. in the water through the microbial's own life activities. The use of pure biological means (through the life activities of microorganisms and metabolic products) to improve the quality of water treatment, greatly reduce the damage caused by bottom sedimentation to the growth and reproduction of fish and shrimp, maintain the ecological balance of the water environment, and can inhibit the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and enhance aquatic products. The immunity of animals improves the survival rate of fish and shrimp by more than 30%.

"Kimber Fish Shrimp Water Conditioner" can be widely used in seawater and freshwater aquaculture, including fish, turtles, and crabs. Its characteristics are mainly reflected in: use less, 0.2-0.6 grams per ton (or cubic meters) of water; high efficacy, three to five days can be effective, with an interval of 20-30 days. The "Goldfish Aquatic Feed Additive" is an ideal alternative to antibiotics because it has many functions such as insect repellency, disease resistance, growth promotion, and increase of bait return rate. The scope of use of Golden Baby Aquatic Feed Additives is the same as that of Golden Baby Fish Shrimp Water Conditioning Agents, with less dosage and high efficiency. It is added around 1.5 饵 of bait amount, or 0.6 gram per kilogram of fish and shrimp in water, and used for 20 days in intervals. 1 month.

The use of a combination of a golden fish treasure shrimp water conditioner and a golden fish aqua feed additive can play a better role and achieve a multiplier effect. There are two main factors that affect the illness of fish and shrimp: one is the deterioration of physical and chemical properties of water bodies and biological traits; the other is the reduction of disease resistance of fish and shrimp. The interaction and interaction between the two will eventually lead to the outbreak and spread of fish and shrimp diseases. "Goldfish water conditioner" through the regulation of aquaculture water not only greatly increased the dissolved oxygen in the water, improved the physical and chemical properties of water, but also greatly inhibited the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria in the water, so that the formation of beneficial microorganisms in the water The bacterial flora not only maintains the ecological balance of the water environment, but also enhances the surface disease resistance of aquatic animals. The "Goldfish Aquatic Feed Additive" can be mixed and fed in the bait. It is directly involved in the formation of the ecological barrier structure of the animal's intestinal micro-organisms and the overall function, inhibits the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms in the intestine, and can supplement the intestinal tract. The number of beneficial microorganisms and the population structure, maintaining the balance of the micro-ecological system in the intestine, promoting the growth and development of fish and shrimp, and greatly improving the yield and quality.

Inhibits the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms in aquatic organisms such as pathogenic microorganisms and aquatic animals such as fish and shrimps. At the same time, it promotes the ecological balance of water bodies and the ecological balance of gut microflora in fish and shrimps to form a “double-layered immune protection barrier” to make fish and shrimp healthy. Rapid growth and reproduction, thereby greatly increasing economic efficiency, is the core nature of the mechanism of action of the microbial products of Ginba Aquaculture. 62110749 62124708

Introduction of LEO Tmr Feeding Mixer

The company introduced the Italian original parts and assembly line production process for LEO Series TMR mixing equipments, its main product types are vertical stationary, vertical traction, horizontal fixed, horizontal traction. Feed mixing high efficiency intake balance, reduce labor intensity. Improve the breeding environment, improve feeding space utilization. This series of product with advanced performance, reliable quality and efficient service to become prepared TMR feed from behind the dragon fighting machine industry enterprises. Products from a single to multiple auger, vertical to horizontal, towed to the self-propelled, fixed to mobile, capacity from 5 cubic meters to 20 cubic various volume, complete specifications, selling more than ten provinces, with a number of patented technologies.

TMR feeding mixer

Main Feature:

1. Products in the digestion of foreign advanced technology developed on the basis of a new generation cattle feeding equipment, can a variety of hay, crop straw, silage and other fibrous feed and concentrate directly mixed feeding.
2. To save time and labor, greatly improve work efficiency.
3. Take advantage of a variety of forage and crop straw, does not destroy the fiber component so that feed energy, feed efficiency maximized.
4. Feed mixing high, balance energy intake cows can increase milk production.
5. Improve farm production management level.
6. Improve the breeding environment, improve farm space utilization.

7. Not only suitable for medium-sized farms, but also for family sized farms.

TMR  feeder mixer

TMR Feeding Mixer

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