Localization of large blast furnace blowers in Beijing through technical demonstration

Entrusted by the National Development and Reform Commission, the China Machinery Industry Federation recently organized a demonstration meeting on the localization of large-scale blast furnace blowers in China, experts from Sinopec, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University and scientific research and design units, and Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd. The localized technical scheme for blast furnace blowers above 4000m3 has been fully demonstrated. It is agreed that China has the ability to design and manufacture large-scale blowers of 4000~5800m3. The design and manufacture of large-scale blast furnace blowers can be fully localized.
The blast furnace blower is the key equipment for the blast furnace ironmaking power supply. The large blast furnace blower group refers to the power supply equipment for the large blast furnace of 4000m3 or above. The air volume of the blower reaches 7000~10000Nm3/min, and the driving power is 30,000kW~60000kW, mainly from large Air blower, automatic control system, electronic control system and drive machine. It is understood that there are currently 20 large-scale blast furnaces of 4000 to 5500 m3 in the world, and China has 4 seats, but the large-scale blast furnace blowers for its supporting are all manufactured abroad. With the development of large-scale blast furnaces in China's metallurgical industry, there will be more than 10 large-scale blast furnaces of 4000 to 5500 m3 under construction and proposed in China.
Shaanxi Drum is the only enterprise in China capable of designing and manufacturing large-scale blast furnace blower units. Up to now, it has produced more than 20 large-scale blast furnace blowers with a flow rate of over 7000Nm3/min. The technical parameters cover the air volume and wind pressure requirements of 4000~5500m3 blast furnace. . At the demonstration meeting, the expert group fully affirmed the production capacity, quality assurance system and after-sales service of the large drum blast furnace group of Shaanxi Drum, and recommended that the relevant state departments strengthen the organization, coordination and guidance of the localization process of the extra large blast furnace blower unit. Policy offers are offered to manufacturers and users of large-scale equipment for trial production and application.

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