What is a quail egg?

The quail egg technology is also one of the valuable experiences in the artificial incubation method in China. The quail egg is a technology that transports the hatching embryonic eggs from the hatchery to another place for hatching. It is more convenient than transporting eggs and chicks, especially for remote areas where traffic is inconvenient.

Eggs can only be carried out after 10 days of incubation. When the temperature exceeds 30°C, quail eggs can be carried out as early as the eighth day of hatching. The time of departure is mainly based on the length of the listening time required by the road. For example, if you are sure that you have to go 6 days on the road, you should start on the 12th and 14th days of hatching. If the destination also has hatchery equipment, it can also start on the eleventh day. After reaching the sixteenth day, it will be kept in the incubator to continue hatching. However, it is better to hatch when arriving at the destination, so that you can incubate for a few days at the departure time. The older the embryo, the easier it is to manage the quail eggs. The management of quail eggs in transit is very different between hot and cold days.

Cold days: low temperatures in early spring, the main paradox of quail eggs is heat preservation, bamboo baskets filled with embryonic eggs (this kind of crickets prevalent in rivers and Zhejiang provinces, round, 18 cm high, and 60 to 64 cm in diameter). Or similar egg equipment, four weeks should be closed with newspaper paste, the bottom of the basket is covered with a layer of straw, each basket put 3 to 4 hours layer of eggs, cover the quilt insulation. In the car (or on the boat), several baskets can be stacked together, surrounded by quilts and placed in a refuge area to prevent rain. Check the egg temperature every 3 to 4 hours on the road and find that the egg temperature is very high (due to the large age of the eggs, the number of eggs is large, and although the weather is cold but its temperature capability is still quite high, which may cause over-temperature), basket adjustment should be carried out. Often a few baskets above the temperature, adjust the basket can promote uniform temperature. If the heart and side eggs are found, the upper and lower layers (that is, the eggs in different parts of the same basket) have a long time and the egg temperature is too different, they must turn the egg, change the position of the egg, turn the egg When you move fast, you have to choose a good place.

Hot days: When the temperature exceeds 30°C, do not affix newspapers around the baskets of the swan eggs, or cover the straw at the bottom of the sigh. You can paste a layer of newspapers, generally lay a layer of embryonic eggs (large embryos), or put a layer of half ( The number of eggs deposited on the top layer is only half of the number of eggs on the bottom layer or the second layer (small embryos). In the car or on the boat can also be stacked together, but always check the egg temperature, pay special attention to the egg temperature above the center, to prevent exposure to the sun, rain, should be placed in a shaded place, ventilation is better, all around to cover sheets Or blanket.

At this time, the main contradiction on the road is scattered temperature. If it is expected that heat dissipation is not easy on the road (as in the case of the train), it is not necessary to carry cold eggs in front of the train to lower the temperature of the eggs to the minimum level suitable for Fan Tian. Then Set off and try to increase the number of baskets and turnings on the road. In the spring and autumn, the quail eggs method can be used as appropriate between the above two situations.

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