Discussion on Healthy Culture Technology

The overcapacity in the pig industry has led to the mainstream argument that the price of pigs has been unusually low before the Spring Festival in 2014. According to relevant data, in 2013, the number of fertile sows in stock was about 50 million heads, and 71.557 million head of pigs were slaughtered. The huge amount of live pigs slaughtered the pig industry at a serious loss. In this environment, healthy breeding is The basic guarantee for the survival and development of pig enterprises. Pig farming in the past mainly focused on the physiology of pigs and focused on the management of the pig's physiological health, emphasizing vaccines, drug care, and disease treatment. With the implementation of the national hog industry system and the National Pig Genetic Improvement Plan, the concept of healthy pig breeding has gradually extended to other related fields. After several years of dissemination and precipitation, people realized that healthy farming is not simply a matter of health care and disease treatment. It also covers aspects including comprehensive prevention and control measures, building design, feed nutrition, breeder breeding and many other aspects. 1. Control measures In order to ensure the healthy production of pigs, pig farms need to formulate various biosafety programs and management measures, which mainly include the pig farm safety and disease prevention system, immunization plan, and health plan. From the three basic elements of the disease, pathogens, susceptible animals, and transmission routes, good biosecurity measures can prevent or reduce the invasion of pathogens, effectively block the transmission route, and rational immunization programs can reduce susceptible animals. The presence. However, in the implementation of prevention and control measures, some pig farms tend to neglect several issues: bio-safety is only in form, and it does not achieve effective isolation and bathing; pig transport vehicles are not thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and dried. , May cause the pigs in the yard to bring the pathogens on the pig car into the pig house. Vaccine immunization and drug care have certain blindness, and no health care and immunization programs suitable for the region or the field have been developed through scientific means such as disease antibody testing, etiological analysis, gene sequencing, and drug susceptibility test content. 2. Feed Nutrition Appropriate nutrition formula is the guarantee of healthy breeding. For aquaculture companies, meeting the nutritional requirements of pigs can save the cost of feed and increase economic efficiency. Of course, due to differences in formula and geographical area, the types and amounts of nutrients contained in different feeds are different, and the feed formulas are also varied. Some aquaculture companies are prone to misunderstandings in the following aspects when they provide feed for pigs: The feed formulation has high protein and low energy, and it only meets the requirements of crude protein while ignoring the energy level and the digestibility of feed ingredients; abuse of feed additives, drugs, etc. The palatability of feeds neglects the important role of energy and protein as main ingredients, overemphasizing the promotion of growth and health care by drugs, and adopting a single type of feed. The use of the same feed for pigs at different stages can easily lead to nutritional deficiencies or waste. 3. Pig building design The design of pig houses is a key technical measure for healthy breeding and environmental protection. The pig house is designed to meet pig breeding, growth and development, herd health, and environmental hygiene requirements. Most pig farms and companies understand the importance of mechanization, ventilation, temperature, and waste disposal models, but some pig farms or companies In the design process, without system integration, after the overall completion of the pig house, some systems are not supporting the phenomenon, affecting healthy breeding. 4. Breeding The basis of healthy pig production is pig breed technology. Research shows that the contribution of breeding to the pig industry is 40-50%. The quality of breeding pigs is one of the important factors that affect the farm production performance and economic efficiency. After the breeding company determines the breeder breeding objectives, it must formulate relevant work plans and strictly enforce the objectives. It must accurately register and analyze the data, carry out the breeding work in a down-to-earth manner, and cultivate high-performance offspring. However, due to the slow and cumulative process of breeding, there are few immediate effects. Therefore, some breeding companies of breeding pigs cannot persist in the breeding of breeding pigs, and there is a phenomenon of degeneration of breeding pigs. 5. Fujian Yichun Healthy Breeding Mode Fujian Yichun Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. achieves healthy breeding through the use of principles of physiology, breeding, nutrition, architecture, etc. to create a favorable environment conducive to the healthy and rapid growth of pigs, so as to guide pig production and provide individuals Healthy, market-friendly, non-polluting, nutritious seed or meat products. First, to maintain population health: Population health is a prerequisite for healthy farming. Fujian Yichun Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. imported 1080 core groups directly from Jiayu Company (blue-ear-negative, negative pseudorabies, foot-and-mouth disease negative, pigs瘟Negative breeding pigs, through perfect biological safety measures, and supporting partial vaccine immunization, make the pigs in a highly healthy state. At the same time, the company conducts regular monitoring of disease antibodies and pathogens, modifies and adjusts immunization and health care procedures based on the test results, and formulates treatment plans for related diseases. Second, the design of comfortable pig houses: The company imported three imported American Airworks pig houses from the original breeder's core farm, introduced advanced equipment at home and abroad, and adopted the international advanced pig raising automation and intelligent new technology to systematically manage the automatic feeding system. Temperature regulation, ventilation control and other operations can provide pigs with a safe and comfortable living environment and ensure healthy breeding. Thirdly, to strengthen feed nutrition management: The company cooperated with Shenzhen Jinxin Farm Feed Co., Ltd. to establish Fujian Jinxin Farm Feed Co., Ltd., and formulate feed formulas through professional nutrition technicians to provide pigs with high quality, non-polluting feed. Fourth, pay attention to the breeding of pigs: The company pays attention to the construction of the breeding team, inherits self-selection, and has started breeding since 2003. At present, the company's subsidiary, Nanping Yichun Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. has become the national core breeding farm. In addition, the company signed a cooperation agreement with China Animal Husbandry Group and Geneus Canada for a breeding pig project, relying on the power of Jiayu Genetics to breed breeding pigs, which is in line with international standards. In addition, the company plans to cooperate with Jiangxi Agricultural University for gene breeding. Fifth, formulate a sound production management system: The company adheres to the management model of self-selection, self-cultivation and self-support, and establishes a complete set of management systems (pig farm anti-epidemic system, disinfection system, feed use specifications, and feeding management procedures at all stages. And so on), the entire production has a detailed record.