Seven Safety Requirements for Tractor Field Operations

1. Farm implements must be firmly attached, and people are not allowed to stand on farm implements.

2. It is forbidden to drive at high speed or make a sharp turn when towing farm implements.

3. When dragging agricultural implements through crowded places, besides deceleration, prevent others from stealing farm implements.

4. During the operation, it is forbidden to turn before the farm implements are lifted.

5. When the agricultural implement is raised, it must not be debugged or trouble-shooted under the farm implement before it is locked or stabilised.

6. When the locomotive has not stopped and has not cut off the power, it is strictly prohibited to clean up the sundries on the farm tools.

7, over the ditch, over the field ridge, down low speed low throttle.

8, when the operation with anti-slip wheel is too high and the slope is uphill, it should be reversed.

9, pay attention to rest, non-fatigue driving farm tools operation.

10. After the daily operation is over, it is necessary to conduct a complete inspection, commissioning and maintenance of the work equipment.

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