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The Opinions on Coordinating the Basic Medical Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region were studied recently. All urban and rural residents who are registered in Ningxia and who are not covered by the Basic Medical Insurance for Urban Employees are enrolled in the school. In addition, the minor children who have long-term investment in business and migrant workers in the autonomous region are also included in the coverage.

The “Opinions” stipulates that in order to break the boundary of household registration, in the standard of fundraising, through the “one system and multiple files” path, three standards for payment grades are determined, the financial general standard is unified at 120 yuan, and the individual payment is 30 yuan per person per year. , 160 yuan, 280 yuan. Urban and rural residents will be selected voluntarily according to the grade of the family. The urban residents can choose the second and third grade standard payment; the rural residents can choose the first, second and third grade standard payment; the minors and students can pay the second standard according to one standard. Basic medical insurance benefits; if the extremely poor people choose to pay for one or two documents, they will receive government subsidy.

According to the "opinions," the autonomous region adopts uniform standards for subsidies for urban and rural residents. The relevant measures in the "Opinions" were piloted in Shizuishan and Guyuan in the first half of the year, and were promoted in the whole region in the second half of 2011. Strive to 2015, the basic medical insurance rate for urban and rural residents in the whole autonomous region will reach 95% or more, and the reimbursement rate for hospitalization expenses will reach 65% or more. Out-patient co-ordination and medical expenses will be settled immediately and cover the whole autonomous region.

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