What is the most effective way to prevent powdery mildew?

There are certain differences in the methods for the prevention and treatment of powdery mildew in different crops. Powdery mildew such as wheat and other crops, you can see the disease fight drugs, triadimefon, propiconazole, azoxystrobin and other drugs usually have good control of wheat powdery mildew. In some horticultural crops, such as pepper and other crops, powdery mildew is a serious hazard. If the disease is severe, then it will not be able to play a good leaf protection effect, and serious defoliation may still occur after application. The only reason is that, after the invading germs, the white powder (spore of pathogenic bacteria, etc.) is generally produced on the leaf surface after a large number of hyphae are infested and leaves the inside of the leaves. Therefore, when the symptoms of powdery mildew between the leaves, the inside of the leaves has been seriously infected by the bacteria, and a large amount of fallen leaves will remain after spraying. For powdery mildew such as peppers, early medication should be taken to prevent early onset medication. Strawberry, watermelon and other crops are sensitive to triadimefon, propiconazole and other fungicides (mainly inhibited growth and development), and care should be taken when selecting appropriate drug types, and pay attention to the application concentration can not be too large.

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