Ten foods that you don’t want to eat when you are hungry

“Hungry” is when people are hungry, and their appetite is strong. But if you catch anything to eat, eager to fill your stomach is very harmful to your health, because some food is not suitable for fasting, otherwise it will give you health hidden dangers.

Persimmon, tomatoes

Contains more pectin and tannic acid. These substances react chemically with stomach acid to produce insoluble gel masses, which can easily cause stomach stones.

cold drink

Blistering a variety of frozen foods in the fasting state will stimulate gastrointestinal contracture, which will lead to various disorders of enzymatic chemical reactions and induce gastrointestinal diseases. Menstrual disorders can also occur during menstruation.


There are more magnesium in bananas. Eating bananas on an empty stomach will cause a sudden increase of magnesium in the body and destroy the balance of magnesium and calcium in the human blood. It will have an inhibitory effect on cardiovascular and is not conducive to physical health.

Hawthorn and oranges

Contains large amounts of organic acids, acids, behenic acid, tannic acid, etc., fasting food, will make gastric acid soar, causing adverse stimulation of the gastric mucosa, so that fullness of the stomach, acid water.

Milk, soy milk

These two kinds of food contain a large amount of protein, drink on an empty stomach, the protein will be “forced” to convert into heat energy to consume, does not have the nutrition nourishing effect. The correct method of drinking is to eat with flour-containing foods such as snacks and cakes, or to drink two hours after a meal, or to drink before going to bed.


Sugar is an easily digestible food, fasting a lot of sugar, the body can not produce enough insulin in a short time to maintain the normal value of blood sugar, so that a sudden increase in blood glucose can easily lead to eye diseases. And sugar is an acidic food, fasting sugar can also destroy the body's acid-base balance and a variety of microbial balance, adverse to health.


If you drink yogurt on an empty stomach, the health effects of yoghurt will be weakened. Drink two hours after a meal, or drink before going to bed, both for nourishing health, promoting digestion, and exhausting the purge.

sweet potato

Sweet potato contains tannins and gums that stimulate the stomach wall to secrete more acid, causing heartburn and other discomfort.

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