Which harmful gases should be reduced in winter hen house

The gases most harmful to chickens are ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Due to the volatility and irritation of ammonia, if a large amount of ammonia gas is produced in the chicken house, it will be felt when one enters the house. When the smell of ammonia is smelled, ammonia gas in the house has already exceeded the standard (many people think that the maximum amount of ammonia in the house is (2010-6).) The proportion of hydrogen sulfide is so great that the higher the concentration near the ground, the higher the concentration of ammonia. Smell H2S smells at a slightly higher point, indicating that the H2S in the house has been severely exceeded, and it can be determined that excess H2S in the air exists when the following conditions occur in the house: 1. The surface of the copper fixture is generated. Copper sulphate becomes black 2. White iron deposits on the surface of galvanized iron 3. Fading of black art pigments In addition, hens who heat in coal stoves should pay attention to carbon monoxide poisoning of personnel and chickens. When taking measures, appropriate measures should be taken immediately, such as appropriately increasing the ventilation volume and replacing the litter, so as to reduce or eliminate the damage of the chicken.

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