Brain and beauty codonopsis ginkgo squid soup


Seven erythema 1 spot, 1 cow and tomato, 2 ginkgos, 2 green onions, 1 tbsp for cockroach, 5 money for Codonopsis, 3 for ginger, seasoning: proper amount of salt, proper amount of alcohol


1. Cut the seven red spots into heads, tails, and three fish bodies. Cut tomatoes into small pieces.

2. Heat the hot pot, add ginger, onion, tomato cubes, ginkgo and a small piece of codonopsis pilosula, cockroach, and fish meat in order, and boil it over a low heat before adding the right amount of wine. After the fish is cooked, first Remove the middle portion of the fish, leave the head and fish tail and continue to cook for about 10 minutes. Add a little salt to taste the tomato ginkgo squid soup.

3. The miso is mixed well with water first, then add soy sauce, and the miso is evenly mixed with miso sauce.

4. Separately cook a pot of water, pour a little oil, soy sauce, boil, add miso sauce, boiled medium-sized fish, Hongshi mushroom and white mushroom, cover with a lid and boil, sprinkle with chopped green onion Double mushroom squid


*Fish soup is rich in gum, Ginkgo biloba and tomatoes can help brain, with the effect of Codonopsis jianqi qi, can make our skin ruddy and white

* Erythema can be replaced by grouper or salmon

* Ginkgo can enhance memory, Codonopsis can help the human body to eat nutrients

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