Feeding silage in winter can prevent vitamin deficiency in pigs

Insufficient green and white fodder in winter, combined with the fact that most of the pig farmers have only one feed, and the lack of light in the piggery and poor air circulation, lead to pigs suffering from vitamin deficiency in the winter. In the autumn, the corn silage fermented and discarded by using the golden bait silage starter is used to produce high-quality silage. In the winter, when the pig feeds, the proper amount of silage in the feed can effectively prevent vitamin deficiency in pigs.

Vitamin deficiency is mainly vitamin A deficiency and vitamin B deficiency.

Pigs suffering from vitamin A deficiency have dry skin, dull body hair, indigestion, reduced appetite, and slow growth. Some vision weakened, neurological disorders. Severe crippling, circling, unstable gait, incoordination, and even paralysis of the hindquarters. If this disease occurs in the sow, it is easy to cause miscarriage or stillbirth. The born piglet blinks. Even if the piglet is normal in appearance, the constitution is very weak and it is easy to die. The silage produced by fermentation of Gumba silage starter is rich in vitamin A and it is good for long-term preservation compared with green fodder. It is a source of excellent feed for livestock in winter and has good effects in preventing vitamin A deficiency.

Pigs suffering from vitamin B deficiency develop growth retardation, vomiting, skin rashes, and hair loss. The lack of other vitamins can also seriously affect the pig's food intake, growth and pork quality, and ultimately affect the ultimate economic benefits. Silage produced by Gumba silage starter is essentially green feed. Although it is fermented, the various vitamins contained in green feed not only have no loss, but also increase in output under the life activities of beneficial microorganisms. That is, high-quality silage not only maintains the types and contents of various types of vitamins in the original straw, but also adds various vitamins and biological enzymes produced by functional microbial metabolism, which greatly enriches the amount and types of vitamins in the feed. Adding high-quality silage in the pig feeding process can not only prevent various vitamin deficiency diseases, but also effectively improve the herd immunity, reduce the chance of getting diseases, effectively save the cost of medication, and better improve the quality of pork.

The silage produced by Gumba silage starter, in addition to having the advantages of conventional silage, also increases bacterial protein through fermentation, greatly improving the palatability, nutrition, digestive utilization of the feed itself. Higher and better. It can be seen that adding silage in the feed in winter can not only prevent vitamin deficiency, but also reduce feed costs and raise the economic benefits of raising pigs! Details can be consulted: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone toll-free hotline Website: Taobao Website: http://shop35396982.taobao.com

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